Thursday, May 31, 2012

portuguese pop

i'm rarely on etsy these days but came across the loveliest shop called portugal pop. the colors instantly made me happy and i just had to pick up this sweet hankie (i think i might hang it up in the new baby's nursery!) and would have definitely bought an apron if it weren't for my blossoming waistline!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

summer sandals

i just wrote a little piece on beatrice valenzuela's shoes over at babyccino kids. i first met beatrice in pre-natal yoga class while i was pregnant with elodie. she had the sweetest presence and i always liked seeing her smiling face. i didn't find out she had her own line of shoes until later - making her even more amazing! it's so great to see fellow mamas and angelenos make such beautiful things.

image here

Friday, May 25, 2012

peacetown, u.s.a

by the time you read this i'll hopefully be in the middle of a prairie somewhere in iowa. to be more exact, we are headed to fairfield, iowa to celebrate the anniversary of jonathan and louise lynch. they are having a big anniversary party at their barn over memorial day weekend and we are flying out to celebrate with them. a lot of the friends we have made while living in los angeles hail from this special little town, also dubbed peacetown, u.s.a and we have been wanting to check it out for ages. it's the international center of the transcendental meditation movement (TM) and is where maharishi (known for being guru to the beatles) relocated his school in 1974. i'm looking forward to spending time doing absolutely nothing with such wonderful people and can't wait to see this little corner of the country!

oh and read what oprah has to say about fairfield.

image here and here

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

memories are the beginning of always

caramel baby and child created a gorgeous dress for natalia vodianova's naked heart foundation inspired by her childhood memories. caramel asked myself and a few other bloggers that i deeply admire to write about memories of a favorite childhood outfit or piece of clothing, here is my contribution to the mini series (and isn't the adult version of the dress amazing?)

i had to go through an old box of photos to find one and couldn't tear myself away from the pictures of my mother in her twenties and early thirties. i see her smile every day when i look in the mirror, the same smile that my daughter has. i feel so blessed to have inherited this little piece of sunshine from her. my life is imprinted with the smiles she so freely gives us still.

she is such a babe and my dad is an amazing photographer!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

golden state

here are some recent photos from a work retreat i just went on in half moon bay. i have visited the bay area several times in my life but am definitely falling deeper in love with it each time i return. if the pacific northwest and central coast california had a baby it would be northern california. i'm a native californian and have long been aware of the contention between the north and the south. the southern californians have the worst stereotypes (have you seen the californians on saturday night live?) and while i recognize those people, i feel so removed from them. i love living so close to the beach, the desert, and the mountains down here in los angeles that it's worth all the jokes that go along with being an angeleno. still, i can't help but feel a little envious of all the bay area folks that have big sur and half moon bay just an hour or two away. i love southern california with all my heart but sometimes i wish i lived in northern california*

*to be honest, my feelings of envy usually subside as soon as the fog rolls in for the summer!

Monday, May 21, 2012

sixteen weeks

how is my little baby already (almost) 16 weeks? and why am i not taking belly pictures? i have a teeny one now! i am happily out of the first trimester. i was unmotivated and going to bed as soon as my little family would allow me. a lot of food aversions and so, so tired.

all i can think about is this will probably be the last time i am 16 weeks pregnant. i am trying to slow time down, enjoy every second that is being offered me. the good and the bad. it still hasn't completely sunk in, maybe when i start showing more? i still don't know who this little person is and how she (or he) will change our family but i welcome this new stage in our life. 

and even though they are thousands of miles away, i am thrilled to be pregnant at the same time as esther and courtney from babyccino! courtney asked me very early on when she saw me talking about decaf coffee and chicken and ginger soup. what a wise mama! we actually have the same due date which is so exciting. lots to look forward to this fall!

top image

Thursday, May 17, 2012

life underwater

let's see, i have about ten posts, all incomplete, just begging for me to finish them. this is the first week i've noticed the return of "baby brain." i really didn't miss it. so far i've not been great at multi-tasking with this little baby. for now, i'm underwater, constantly behind on projects, emails, daily life. so if you haven't heard from me? please don't take it personally. i'll be coming up for air soon! (hopefully?)


Friday, May 11, 2012

mother/no mother

while i was completing my yoga teacher training in new york, i happened upon the important documentary "darshan" about amma, the hugging saint. i was blown away by the simplicity and beauty of her role in the world as someone who gives service to many - her foundation builds orphanages, care facilities for the elderly, and offers food and clothing to the poor amongst many other things. it's amazing to see how this one woman has made such a positive impact on the lives of so many. very fittingly amma means "mother" and she does embody the spirit of motherly love, selfless and unconditional. she is the mother that so many people don't have. amma's greatest act is "darshan." people from all stripes will stand in line for an entire day waiting to receive a hug and some kind words from her. amma is coming to los angeles this june and i have every intention of witnessing this beautiful soul give her little bit of love in person (i missed two opportunities, one in new york and one here in los angeles.)

i am also very moved by christy turlington's "no mother's day" campaign. i had randomly spent a friday night crying over american photojournalist lynsey addario's moving essays on maternal mortality when i heard about the campaign that christy has organized this mother's day. it is criminal that this happens to such a large degree to women all over the world. i'm still educating myself on what i can do but am grateful to women out there who are dedicating their time and energy to this cause. our ability to bear children in relative comfort and safety is not something i want to take for granted. this weekend, i don't want flowers. i want every mother to be able to hold their child just like i am able to.

Monday, May 7, 2012

the littlest + sakura bloom sling is here!

remember way back in july of last year when i was participating in the sakura bloom styleathon? well, lynne and i collaborated on a fantastic sling together and it's ready just in time for mother's day! i love the combination of swiss dots, stripes, and vintage lace details. i'm elated that i will be able to wear it with my littlest. head on over to sakura bloom for more details.

thank you lynne and leigh for being such champions of babywearing! i am so proud to know you two. and thanks especially to my sweet friends (and gorgeous models), louise and jack, for being with me on this baby wearing journey. take a peek here to see louise in my full circle video for the sakura bloom styleathon. i'm so happy we got to capture her pregnant with jack!

happy (early) mother's day!

Friday, May 4, 2012

our family (of four) in marfa, texas

when our dear friend jesse took these pictures of us i had no idea i was pregnant. the fact that our littlest baby was in marfa with us dividing and multiplying makes the already over the top beautiful trip even more special. what's even more strange is that jesse knew i was pregnant before i did. she point blank asked me on the trip and i said no. yes, i was taking more naps, but who doesn't nap on vacation when their toddler is asleep? honestly, i didn't know until i came back a few days later. i can't help but think this baby is infused with the magic of the vast and still landscape that is marfa.

i am now thirteen weeks along and we are so excited that we will have a new little baby in our home. i'm still scheming up ways to document my pregnancy (i'm not showing just yet) and i can't wait to share more thoughts, but for now, some moments of contentedness in texas. there are so many that i love that i'm going to break them up into two posts.

thank you so much jesse and whitney for capturing our family of four for the first time. we love you and feel so blessed that you are part of our family! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

mantra for may

"...a pattern that others made may prevail in the world and following the wrong god home, we may miss our star." william stafford

it's so natural to want the guidance of those you love and admire. but sometimes you just need to wander, to not follow other's suggestions, to forge out on your own. i read this quote in a book recently and it was a direct hit for me. we do ourselves a disservice by focusing on what others might think of our leaps of faith. by buying into what others perceive as success and failure and not following our own internal compass. sometimes we can't even hear our inner voice tell us what to do next because the voices of others are so loud in our heads. life is too short to wish on someone else's star. follow your own star. this is your adventure.

image here