Sunday, December 30, 2012

what a year

i never would have believed it if you told me how big 2012 would be for our family. so many moments that make me want to cry with happiness. i'm putting up a few because they are so fun to remember.

we started our year in the desert as a family of three.

in a house in mt. washington...

and spent lots of time at the local park...

elodie started tap and ballet.

we went to marfa with some good friends...(i found out i was pregnant there!)
then bali...
then turks & caicos...
my belly grew...
we went to fairfield, iowa...

and summer came. i wanted to soak up every second with elodie.
we spent our days house hunting and avoiding the heat...
and my belly grew even more,
and so did elodie.
august came with swim classes and a new neighborhood to explore...

and my belly kept growing.
september came. my birthday, labor day, a new school for elodie and a trip to disneyland to celebrate her sleeping all night in her big girl bed.

one last trip to seattle before baby...
then october...a baby shower for me, nesting, house warming, preparing for baby.

i'm as big as a pumpkin.
then...francesca. and our family cocoon.

and the world slowed down. my need to share decreased as my need to be with my family increased. i've loved this technology sabbatical but i also miss writing. i reflect on this wonderful, hard, unsure, beautiful year and give thanks. my resolution for 2013? to not miss a moment of this very full life.
wishing you all a happy new year! 

Monday, December 24, 2012

may your heart be light

wishing you a beautiful day with your families!

here is a peek at our christmas card and some of the out takes from our happy merry shoot. can i just say that photographing an almost three year old and a newborn is literally like corralling cats. i am in awe of max wanger and our labor of love!

Friday, December 21, 2012

a holiday playlist

i have a confession, i am a sucker for christmas. i love all of it. the decorations, the stories, the traditions, the music. i would be perfectly happy if christmas lasted three months of the year and i soak up every second. my husband, does not feel the same way, and has his own idea of christmas music. i wanted to share a smattering of what's been playing in between all of his sad, sad songs. hope you enjoy listening while you bake some cookies with your little ones! click here to listen (or right click to download.)

this was one of the out takes from our holiday card. we had pictures taken by max wanger & our labor of love. can't wait to share it and more from the day soon! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

now you are four

we squeezed every last moment out of three. so much change came to you this year. a new house, new preschool, new sister, new words, new movement. it's hard to remember that you are still so very little when i see you next to your baby sister. but you are.

you still only want to wear tights, dresses, long sleeves, and tutus. no pockets. only dresses with a waist ("like the foxy one mama.") you love watching all of the old christmas specials with me and know the words to so many of my favorite christmas songs. when your little sister cries you say "shhh, it's alright. elodie is right here."

some things you are saying:
"i don't like pockets. they're not awesome. they're not pretty."
"oh by holly have a golly jolly Christmas this year."
"standing up is hard right?"
"my lipglost has sparkles on it. it's magic. it's gonna make your lips feel so much better."
"do you know when my favorite week is? valentimes."
"first you are a baby, then you are a kid, then you grow up, then you are a teacher. right poppa?"
"if you are thirsty, you can realize there is soda water, right mama?"

we spent the day together visiting santa and having a little tea party. it was a bitterly cold day by LA standards and when we finally got home to our cozy house, we were tired and you curled up next to me on the couch, looking at the christmas tree. after dinner, we lit candles and i made a wish that i could watch you grow in peace. that you could be little, free from worry, which is what every parent wishes for their children but i wished it especially hard today. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

good night three

last year we started a family tradition. the night before our daughters' birthdays we say this poem together... 

“when i have said my evening prayer,
and my clothes are folded on my chair,
mama and papa switch off the light,
i'll still be three years old tonight.

but from the very break of day,
before the children rise and play,
before the darkness turns to gold,
tomorrow i'll be four years old…
four kisses when i wake,
four candles on my cake.

a goodnight kiss for the three year old
to send her to sleep and to dreaming.
and blessings to the four year old
who'll climb out of bed in the morning.”

sweet dreams elodie. tomorrow you'll be four!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

until the twelfth of never


i realize that a date like this will not happen in again in our lifetime or our children's lifetime. i at least wanted to take one picture. daylight was slipping away and i had francesca on me in the sling. so i ran outside barefooted and snapped elodie through the window. we then decorated her gingerbread house and make cupcakes for her birthday at preschool. little holiday moments that are my very favorite. so now i think i will remember this until the twelfth of never. and that's a long, long time.