Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a new year's resolution

i celebrated the new year out in palm springs with my family. friends of mine from nyc, seattle, and london also happened to be there which made it even more special. the end of 2012 was filled with the normal hullabaloo of the holidays but also tension (mayan prophecy) and sadness (the newton shootings) and it felt good to unravel myself in the desert and reset my intentions and focus for 2013. before i went out to ring in the new year with the adults, i lit a few sparklers with elodie and our friends and made a silent wish, almost a prayer, for the new year.

the yoga practice of svadhyaya - or self-study - is all about checking in, taking ourselves of auto-pilot, and really figuring out why we do what we do, and perhaps figuring out how we can improve. this is so important to me right now. i have a two month old baby. a four year old who is testing boundaries and trying on new words. i'm at a crossroads with what i want to be doing professionally. my body is still healing from my recent birth experience. i'm a wife, mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend. i always feel guilty that i'm not in touch. i want to be more in touch.

my friend paige wrote her resolution for 2013: "just be conscious, honest, thoughtful, slow, silent, better, wiser, stronger, diligent, forgiving, and grateful." that summed up all that was on my mind. how to do all of this? by checking in, slowing down, focusing on what is most important, which shifts from day to day. it is so exciting to know that we are just barely scratching the surface of our potential here!


  1. My resolution this year...growth. I love the idea of taking ourselves off of auto-pilot!

  2. You should write a journey book with lots of photos in it! Your lessons learnt over the motherhood years