Tuesday, January 22, 2013


jessica alba's honest company named the littlest one of the top ten blogs to follow in 2013. this means a lot considering how infrequently i've been posting. sigh. at any rate, i'm honored. they also sent me a sweet care package for francesca and now i'm hooked. i have tried every kind of natural diaper imaginable (including cloth) and these are amongst my favorite and the only that has eliminated the dreaded back poop (sorry, too much information.) i love supporting a company that strives to create products that are better for baby and the environment. the fact that they are also adorable is icing on the cake. thanks again honest!


  1. That's so wonderful! Congratulations! :) Your blog is definitely a favorite of mine;)

  2. Ohhh, how lucky to get a lovely little treat!x

  3. one of my favorite sources of cleaning supplies... love their bubble bath, body oil, & lotion as well. i get a 'bundle' each month, and look forward to its arrival next week :).