Wednesday, January 23, 2013

taking care of baby

i came up with a list of the things that made life easier during the past few weeks. like i said before, i definitely prepared less this time but also had a few tricks up my sleeve since this was my second baby.

there is really no need for stimulating toys. the analogy of the new world being like a moroccan bazaar is a good one and the idea of waving one of these hideous things in front of her face makes me cringe. i love giving her tummy time or quiet time on a sheepskin. we have one we love from the new zealand company ecowool. i did a lot of research and it is much better to have a real one versus a sythentic from ikea (and, surprisingly, not much of a price difference.) i place her on a blanket on top of it and she'll intently watch the shadows on the wall or elodie running about like a little monkey.

this is a fact of life. babies like to be held a lot. the sooner i surrendered to this with elodie, the sooner i was able to really enjoy every moment. that being said, i am a bit of a baby wearing fanatic with francesca. i use the moby wrap when i know i'm going to have it on for a while (so much fabric!) - it's great for breastfeeding and really lets you feel hands free.

the sakura bloom does all the things the moby does, adds a bit more style to your wardrobe, and is easier to put on.

i use my ergobaby when i know i might be in a big crowd or for long walks or hikes. i definitely wear it the most (so much easier on the back) and couldn't have survived these first few weeks without it.

i introduced a night time bottle of breast milk at five weeks so that michael would have some bonding time with francesca. we have tried a few different types but really love the ones from life factory.

i would say my best soothers (besides the breast) are wearing her in the ergo and giving her a pacifier, putting her in the swing (a crazy contraption but so worth it!), or playing her music. the minute she hears the first chimes in the hushabye baby version of johnny cash she immediately quiets. this has worked wonders during car rides!

my husband is the swaddler in the family. i'm horrible at it. he uses an aden + anais muslin swaddling blanket and then a velcro swaddler (summer or miracle blanket) over the top. whenever she is feeling a little frantic or it's the witching hour, we wrap her up and you can almost visibly see her sigh. it's a miracle in the first few weeks.

i either bathe with francesca or give her a bath in sink. she loves when i sing to her and wash her in warm water. it's one of the things i look forward to the most. i immediately wrap her and give her an infant massage. i use warm calendula oil from weleda as it smells lovely and isn't too greasy. i also use organic coconut oil sometimes for variation.

i've been re-reading books that i loved from when elodie was a baby. two standouts are the happiest baby on the block by harvey karp and gentle first year by dr. gowri motha. her infant massage instruction is tops!

i'm a sucker for petit bateau's sleepers with the cute back opening and anything by nature baby, especially their drawstring booties. a friend gave francesca a few pairs of these and i've since become slightly addicted to them.

i had already passed on so many things from the first baby so was grateful to friends for hand-me-downs and use of some big items like a bassinet. i'll definitely pay it forward when francesca gets bigger (although i can't bear to think of that yet!)


  1. Great list, though I sort of wish that I never found out about petit bateau. Oh my goodness, that is some kind of wonderful.

  2. I love this list... especially as I am 39 weeks and expecting a little boy around here any day! This is also my second baby and so many things are hand-me-downs or saved from my daughter, but there are a few special things on this list that I can imagine loving.

    I'd love to hear more about balancing life with two kids!

  3. This is a sweet & simple list. We have many of the same favorites. :)

  4. petit bateau is so cute! :)

  5. this is such a great list! I totally agree with how much I loved my moby and ergo (though next time I think I'd like a sakura bloom too!), how weird but worth it the swing is, and those aden + anais swaddle blankets are the best (my husband was the swaddler too - why are they so good at it?) thanks for introducing me to some new ideas too. you know, for next time :)

  6. thank you for posting this list! my baby girl is due in just 5 weeks! and any little bit of information is definitely needed. do you have any suggestions for baby wash or shampoos? i love the weleda brand and was wondering if youd recommend the rest of the baby line they have?

    thanks again! :)

  7. I'm expecting number 2 at the moment so a very useful post for me - thank-you - I love the Weleda range too! x

  8. Love all these picks! The little booties are very cute!

  9. oh, i wish we'd had that lambskin rug when our lady was wee! i love the natursutten pacis, and swaddles and harvey karp saved our lives too! the life factory bottles were too pricey for us so we went with the standard glass 4 oz evenflo bottles and ordered cozies that wrap around them to prevent breakage.

    love weleda calendula products, and amanda, another great baby wash/shampoo is Babo Oatmilk Calendula Moisturizing Baby Shampoo and Wash. it's the only wash i found that didn't dry out mine and my girl's skin.

  10. Ok you're making me want another baBY!!!

  11. Again, another greatly useful post for this mom-to-be. I had been thinking of getting the synthetic wool rug from IKEA without even realizing it was synthetic. I had a look at the link to the ecowool rugs and it is actually cheaper than the IKEA one (in Australia) and obviously better because it is natural wool.

  12. Which length and color do u recommend for the ecowool rug ?