Tuesday, February 5, 2013

watching them grow

i adore baum-kuchen's new product, the life's journey measuring stick. i searched high and low for a measuring stick with elodie that wasn't too twee and finally settled on a vintage one from etsy. it was fine but i'm so much happier having a simple, beautifully designed one that reminds me of the one in our house growing up. i love the philosophy behind their brand and hope to see more elegant products from them.

the video they made to accompany it's release is also so, so sweet. make sure to check it out!


  1. what a beautiful product! though i'm not surprised seeing as it features on such a beautiful blog :) my son is coming up for one and I was looking for a measuring stick now he is starting to stand. time flies by so quickly, i love things like this which in the future will take us back and i'm sure gasp at how small they used to be.

  2. Now that's a practical measuring stick! I love that it's collapsable : )

  3. oh, i love it! just bought one for our girl who is beginning to experiment with standing. i wish i'd had it from the get-go!

  4. Thank you Elizabeth for such a lovely mention on your blog! So nice to meet new customers through your post:)

    Margaux, thank you so much for ordering the item from us! We will ship your package towards your way tomorrow.