Friday, March 29, 2013

easter past

i am hosting a teeny, tiny easter egg hunt this year and was looking for an image for the invite. it was a photo i took of from our friends ben and lenora's easter egg hunt a few years back. ben dressed up as the easter bunny, hopping through their beautiful yard as the children gripped their baskets and squealed excitedly at the glimpse of the big bunny. elodie was delighted.

i didn't end up using the photo but it prompted me to go back through and think of the past few easters with elodie and michael. they have been pretty wonderful...


we were in bali and we had an easter egg with all of the italian and french kids that were also staying at our hotel by the beach...


elodie and i celebrated easter with my family in a cute little town in eastern washington called leavenworth and then later in seattle with friends.


we were in tulum...sigh.


we were in los angeles and had a fun easter brunch with some friends at cliff's edge than a day at descanso gardens. i so wish i could find our photos from that day.

i'm looking forward to francesca's first easter with our family!!


  1. a lovely pastel hued walk down memory lane. hope this easter is just as beautiful.

  2. Every Easter a new location! That's pretty awesome~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  3. Happy Spring. I hope you have a beautiful Easter.

  4. that's a lovely way of looking back in time! and i'm so jealous you've been to all these places, looks like you and your family make the best memories:)

  5. Cute bunny outfit!

  6. cool.. you looking gorgeous in easter..

    sadia romi
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