Thursday, March 21, 2013

the honest life

last week i had the occasion to meet jessica alba and ask her a few questions about the release of her new book the honest life. i've already written about the honest company and was more than happy to attend a little poolside celebration in honor of her new book at the mondrian in west hollywood.

jessica's book is about living a more beautiful, holistic life. realizing that what's good for you doesn't necessarily have to cost a fortune or negatively impact the environment. some things i already knew, some were eye opening. it's great to have a little cheat sheet on the top 12 most important fruits and veggies to buy organic if possible or a refresher on the importance of having everyone take their shoes off when they enter my home. it was such a pleasure meeting this sweet mother of two vibrant girls and hearing a little about her perspective on motherhood and the honest company.

what is one value that your mother instilled in you that you would like to pass on to your children as they grow?

having respect for myself and respect for others. that is two big things that i try to instill in honor. the baby is too young to really get it but now that honor is a little more aware, we talk to her about what's appropriate. we travel a lot. we talk to her about being kind. to our planet, to animals, to her friends, to strangers. you don't need to act cuckoo bananas and throw yourself on the ground. you can communicate with mom and talk about things even when you're not getting your way. it's not always easy, she certainly has her moments.

my husband thinks i'm a bit too intense with it. i'm constantly reminding her and hope it will eventually sink in. and certainly leading by example. i'm not sitting there treating people poorly and so i hope that in itself will rub off on her.

it's kind of comforting to know that however different our every day realities might be that we all have the same parenting rewards and struggles. i look forward to more from this lovely mama. thanks for having me honest!

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The Honest Company and The MOMS Celebrate Jessica Alba and her new book “The Honest Life” at the Mondrian Los Angeles.