Monday, April 22, 2013

courtney & marlow - the third month

i "met" courtney adamo, mother of four and one of the founders of babyccino kids, online shortly after my last trip to london. i always kick myself that we didn't meet before i went as i would have loved to meet her in person. it was so great that we shared our last pregnancies together and i love watching her family grow on instagram. i am hoping to meet her in real life this summer as we both have strong ties to the pacific northwest. i feel so grateful that i have her to turn to for advice during these first wild months of baby number two!

As much as I love the magical first weeks of a baby's life and the cozy first couple of months when they are still an itty bitty little bundle...there is something always in the back of my mind the is secretly looking forward to the 3-month marker. Three months! I think it's such a big milestone in babyhood when things start to get a tad bit easier, if only because your baby becomes more predictable and you can start to decipher between hungry cries and tired cries, and their sleep schedule becomes more reliable. Not to mention, things start to become fun!

They start to reward you with smiles and you can really engage them in conversation, play peek-a-boo, tickle their tummy, sing songs, play games, etc.  It also feels like they open their eyes to their surroundings – they start to become more aware of your presence, knowing when you’re near and when you’re not, being soothed by your voice and by your words. I’ve been putting Marlow in her little Baby Bjorn chair…and she’ll sit there happily as long as she can see or hear me (she seems to have a sixth sense for knowing when I’ve left the room!). I’ve also been laying her under her wooden play gym and she’s really starting to grab and play with the toys.  We are getting longer stretches between naps where she is alert and happy, and it’s fun to watch her learn to play.

Marlow and I have started doing Mum-and-Baby yoga classes, and I think it’s a highlight of the week for both of us. At the end of the class we sing songs and play games. This English nursery rhyme is one of her favorites:
‘Round and round the garden,
 Like a teddy Bear.
One step, two step, and tickle you under there’

Her little body starts shaking and she kicks her legs out with anticipation every time I start making my way up to tickle her under her arms. So cute!

We also like to make up songs around here. I’ll sing to the tune of  ‘I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills’and I’ll sing things like “I love my Easton, I love my Quinny Moo. I love my Ivy and I love my Marlow too”, and then we’ll start singing about all the things we love.We can go on and on! meditation on the third month: baby is so much more engaging this month and is starting to want to move more.

meditation on the third month:

sing "the wheels on the bus" with your baby and move their arms and legs gently as you sing the various verses. get down on the floor with your baby during tummy time and have a conversation. francesca loved when i would sit in the bathroom with elodie during bath time and happily followed the bubbles she would blow from the bubble bath. remember how very new the world is and see it from their point of view. 


  1. Such lovely pics - yes the 3 month point is also nice because physically things seem to settle, or at least feel normal for mum, after the shock to the system that is birth!

  2. I couldn't agree more. The three month mark was such a huge moment for our family. Lovely mother and baby!

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