Friday, April 12, 2013

kama & ludivine - the second month

i cannot tell you how long i've been waiting for kama to have a baby. i first met her in nyc one late summer night many years ago. i had just got off a plane from tel aviv and made it to a friend's bar in brooklyn when i met this beautiful new zealander. i knew from that moment on we had to be friends. 12 years later, i love her more than ever and am so happy that our babies are less than two months apart. she and her husband, alain, own the amazing restaurant bacaro in lower manhattan. she has impeccable taste (she worked with the designer jane mayle for a long time) and i'm always looking to her for all things chic and feminine. i look forward to watching her life as a mother unfold...

Smiles are sweet but kisses are better! Waking up to her new smiles is such a treat but when Ludi was about 6 weeks old she started kissing me followed by lots of "oooohh" sounds. This has stuck and has become our way of expressing love to one another. She recently fell asleep getting kisses from her godmother while we were at brunch. It makes me so happy she's open to people, studying their faces and sometimes scared of their loud laughs. I think she will do just fine in this wild world and will pick her friends well!

When I know Ludivine is tired, I put her in the sling and walk her about or her swing which is lined with soft sheepskin -- something we all use in New Zealand and babies love! It has just the right amount of detail to entertain. This is a real luxury that I would love for myself in these tired times.

Right when Ludi was born we listened to The Weavers  "Goodnight Irene" which quickly became "Goodnight Ludivine." Hopefully it pleases her ears as much as it does mine. I found while singing, one song would turn into another, so one night we were singing the Beatles and Ludi seemed to love Michelle. Since I don't speak French, it became a fun way to make different sounds pretending I did. Exaggerating sounds became fun during this age.

meditation on the second month:

hopefully you are able to still have a little bit of a bubble around you and your new baby during this month. giving baby a bath and infant massage is a great soothing activity while you are still rather homebound.  to get your strength back, put baby in the sling and take a short walk or dance around your living room (i love to play bob marley's satisfy my soul, it's so happy and the lyrics "you make me feel like a sweepstakes winner" is such a good way to describe how i feel about my babies.) baby is still perfectly content to lay on his/her back and stare at the shadows on the wall or at a simple mobile. save the sophie until next month!


  1. Awwww cherish these sweet times:-) mine is turning 2 and is not into kissing and cuddling as !

  2. I am going back and reading all the posts from this series again now that I have babes (twins!) of my own. They are two months now and it is so wonderful to hear what other mamas are doing. Thanks for doing this series! X