Monday, April 22, 2013

last night i swam with a mermaid

this weekend, elodie and i went on a long overdue mama-daughter date to an earth day fair. we had been talking about it for a few days as there was going to be a "real life mermaid" there. the fair centered around the release of a book called "last night i swam with a mermaid" which teaches the many ways we can respect our oceans and planet. there was a load of fun activities and elodie was able to make a terrarium, paint a tote bag, make colorful sand art, and more. what a great idea to center the idea of caring for our planet around a fun childhood character!

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  1. Gasp! These photos are so lovely! I would have just melted when I was a little girl to meet a mermaid. I'm swooning now!