Wednesday, April 17, 2013

such a classic girl

dear elodie, 

it has now been a year since you have worn pants. still no pockets. always tights. although yesterday your tights had a hole in them and you said "did you know i didn't even worry about my hole today? i'm not going to worry about the hole mama." you love fairies, horses, dumbo, winnie the pooh, and riding your bike. 

you are so sweet to your little sister. every morning you say "hi, hi frankie. my sister. i love you, you're so cute." and call her "frenchie" and "frankie gaga." you will let her hold your animals up until the point where she puts it into her mouth, which is a lot these days.

you help me sweep and set the table. you help put clothes in the washer, measure the liquid, and start the load of laundry. your biggest setback is that your mama forgets how much you can and want to do. i need to remember more often.

lately you ask me to spell the lyrics of songs to you and you will write them down on a piece of paper. my favorite is "you are my sumshime."

i love to just sit and listen to you*. i am in awe of all that you know and all that you are trying to figure out. 

we spend a lot of time saying prayers. you tell me all of the things that you love and are thankful for and then it's my turn. then you like to steal some of the things i say and then tell me it's my turn again. all i know is that grandma is getting a lot of love lately. 

right now you are loving food! when you like something a lot you say "mmmm mama, this is so delicious. do you want to taste it?"

you just spent some time with your cousins and i got to really see how small you still are. i remember them so clearly when they were your age and now they swing you up and put you on their shoulders or sit behind you and slowly brush your hair. i am grateful that they love you and you love them. 

you are one of the friendliest people i know. you run up to anyone you know and give them a huge smile, call out their name, and give them a hug. i am tearing up as i type this because i can see you do this in my head. oh my dear girl, you are growing so well. so clever. so thoughtful. a beautiful mass of potential energy that feeds me day in and day out with your world view. 

*things you say:

my first name is rainbow, my second name is tree, and my eighth name is leaf.

i can't wait to be a parent when i grow up.

thank you for the high five. fist bump, fist bump." (to francesca)

the freeway has none houses right? zero houses.

brahms died. me: who? E: brahms. ummm symphony number one. he died. he's teacher william's friend.

mama, your cheek smells like quiche.

my favorite, in the whole wide world, is egg salad.

my heart is humping so much faster than usual.

i'm so thirsty i could drink a dining room table.

all people were babies. some people are still babies. frankie is still a baby. one day you'll be an old gramma but you'll still be happy

I'm practicing not having water in my room.

in the morning owls eat supper and go to sleep right?

my name is not poppa gaga, my name is elodie gaga.

you know what? mashed potatoes are made of potatoes.

i just read millions of books.

for real life, I am not joking!

you say "pardon me" before almost every sentence!

i can see africa in these sunglasses... for real, for real life!

One time I had avocado for lunch and it didn't make me grow. it doesn't make you grow.

do you know tooth fairies live inside whistles?

guess what's my favorite lunch in the whole world? what? ice cream! and pirate booties. that's all I want. is that ok?

i'm gonna stay upside down until I'm eighteen six nine.

The world is bigger than eagle rock right?

poppa I love you. you're a part of my heart.

i want you to wrap me like a little baby and throw me on the bed.

i think she's toofing. (teething)

can plants see pictures?

i love you more than 100,000 fireflies.

a song that makes me think of you lately...

"they may say 'those were the days', but in a way, you know for us these are the days. yes for us these are the days, and you know you're my girl. such a classic girl. such a classic girl."

these lyrics ring in my mind whenever i start to think about money, about how tired i am, about what i'm not accomplishing. for us these are the days. now. we are youthful. we have no illnesses. we can dream. create. travel. make new friends. make old friends. these are the days. 

i love you my classic girl.

dress c/o wunway


  1. This is so so beautiful Elizabeth. What clever little girls to choose you as their mother. A whole year in dresses and skirts? Amazing. I love all of the things she says, do you keep a notebook of them?

    1. hi clio! i keep a twitter account and my husband and i are constantly texting each other things she says to record in the account!

  2. This just melted my heart. What a beautiful family you have. Elodie has much to teach the world. We should all love each other more than "100,000 butterflies."

  3. this could not be more beautiful or more perfect.
    that list of her words...

  4. The way you write about your children is inspiring!
    On another note, do you recommend the short or long haired ecowool rugs for baby? Also which colour do you suggest?

    1. i really love the short haired ecowool rug in warm honey.

  5. This is so lovely and inspiring Elizabeth. x

  6. love this so so much. you are such a good mama for writing all of this down. i am inspired!! such sweet treasures to reflect back on and have for your girl when she's older. she's perfect in every beautiful. xo

  7. i love her pinafore. delightful post!

  8. This is such a sweet post. You must be so proud of Elodie and what a beautiful person she is.

  9. Wow, this is so beautiful. I love these posts. Children go through such wonderful phases when they say and do interesting, smart and magical things. These phases go by really fast so writing these interesting things down is such a great way to track memories.

  10. this is so sweet! it will be so nice to go back years from now and see what she was saying :)

  11. What a beautiful record - what a beautiful little girl - what a beautiful family!

  12. This made me tear up thinking of my own growing girl, nearly 5 and a half. She didn't wear pants from November to April one winter in New York City. Refused--tights only. I got her back into leggings for a time but then those went away for a year, and now they're back...the clothing choices are always keeping me on my toes! She sounds like a super sweet heart, and this was a good reminder for me to sit down and write things for my daughter more often. Beautiful.

  13. Your Elodie is an absolute wonder. She is already and will certainly grow up to be one of those special ladies that no one can forget, that a person feels so lucky to have in their life. The kind of girl who will change lives, always for better.

    My best,
    Jo Farmer

  14. Inspiring.. I cried a little. A lot. Ok, a lot. I just pictured my kids in my head when I was reading it..

  15. Adore this so much. I met your daughter once outside of Proof Bakery and she was all the things you said. She was ever so friendly and just chatted with me about her tights with the pink dear on them and how she still needed a gift for Baby Ruby's party. She was also very sweet to my very small daughter at the time. She made quite an impact on me as I would assume she does to most. xo

  16. your elodie is so lucky to have a mom that loves her so much:)

  17. I am melting. This letter to your daughter is so beautiful. What she says and how you relate to each other. Cherish all of it. So sweet. Thanks for the inspiration to complete our childhood journals.