Friday, April 26, 2013

the fourth month - esther & casper

i've had the good fortune of getting to know esther van de paal from babyccino kids over the past year. she lives in amsterdam with her husband and four children and i can't help but wish i could live next door. she is always going on adventures, making things with her children, and her house is filled with light and liveliness. it was so fun to be pregnant at the same time and to see casper's first days in anticipation of my delivery. i hope i get to visit her someday soon!

This month, Casper has definitely become so much more interactive. We play little games, like an old-fashioned Dutch one where we pretend that a little mouse is crawling into his little neck. He really knows that game and anticipates the moment where we're tickling his neck. Sometimes he's giggling out loud! When I'm nursing him, every now and then he looks up to me and gives me a big smile, only to quickly go back to my boob afterwards. So cute, and such a special moment.

He's getting much stronger as well -- he's been starting to sit up. Not by himself of course, but suddenly we felt a change in him when we were holding him, and he was supporting his own back so much more. He still loves his wooden play gym, but now he also actively grabs toys -- this Skwish toy is his absolute favorite. It's easy for him to grab and hold it all by himself, and he loves to put the balls in his mouth. Oh -- he loves to put anything in his mouth! First it were just his hands, but now toys as well. And my hair! His toes! Could he be teething? 

I'm so bad with structures, but slowly, very slowly, there's a bit more of a rhythm in our lives. Casper sleeps for longer stretches, and can go for longer without a feed. He's getting better in communicating what he wants -- we start to really understand each other. He still sleeps in the room with us, sometimes in his own little crib, but mostly in our bed. 

He adores his siblings, loves to interact and cuddle with them. He smiles big smiles when he sees them! But when they're all home it IS a full house, and he can get tired and cranky when I don't put him down in time. Walking him around while humming 'Hey Jude' always calms him down though.

meditation on the fourth month:

baby is changing so quickly. document it with the great app everyday. how awesome it will be to look back in a year (or even a few months) at your growing little one. give your little one a toy or a rattle or watch them play with their hands. it's kind of great to be able to put them on a blanket and maybe read a magazine. it's also a lovely time to establish routines with them, even if it's just singing the same song or reading the same book before bedtime. i love the rhythmic quietness of this one.

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  1. You have no idea how much I am enjoying these posts! My little guy will be 4 months in just over a week, so I can really relate. Thanks for doing this... looking forward to month five :)