Friday, May 24, 2013


i recently watched wim wenders' documentary on the fashion great yohji yamamoto, "a notebook on cities and clothes". this film was released in 1989 but the words in the opening credits of the film struck me as particularly relevant in the face of instagram.

you live wherever you live,
you do whatever work you do,
you talk however you talk,
you eat whatever you eat,
you wear whatever clothes you wear,
you look at whatever images you see...

you're living however you can.
you are whoever you are.

of a person,
of a thing,
of a place.

the word itself gives me shivers.
it rings of calm, comfort, contentedness.
what is it, identity?
to know where you belong?
to know your self worth?
to know who you are?
how do you recognize identity?
we are creating an image of ourselves,
we are attempting to resemble this image...

we live in the cities.
the cities live in us...
time passes.

we move from one city to another,
from one country to another.
we change languages,
we change habits,
we change opinions, 
we change clothes,
we change everything.
everything changes, and fast.
images above all. 

- wim wenders

it is an important question, a global question. what do we use our identity for? the answer affects us all. our identity is pure potential and we have the ability to shape it to create good.


  1. That is very thought provoking prose, I am going to have to read it again :). I am interested in how our environments shape our identities. I think IG may be symptomatic of an effort to understand our environment as it relates to the self. Whether This effort is a fractured attempt at whole ness, is up for discussion.

  2. God. I love, love, love this. So well written - so thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.

    - Kathy from

  3. I think identity in terms of social media is more about how one wants other people to see them. What I wear, eat and drink, where I live, what clothes I dress myself and my children in and who I hang out with all say so much. They always have. It's a social hierarchy of sorts on view. Downton Abbey but with different clothes, habits and values. The vast majority of us (or all of us maybe?) share only what we are comfortable with. This of course varies greatly from person to person. As you so rightly point out an image is merely a construct. It's not real, though parts of it might point at a reality of some sort. Very thought provoking x

  4. "We wear clothes, and speak, and create civilizations, and believe we are more than wolves. But inside us there is a word we cannot pronounce and that is who we are."
    — Anthony Marra, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)
    (Source: larmoyante, via thatkindofwoman)

    I saw this on the above quoted tumblr and thought of your piece... I know I think way too much! But you did clearly did inspire me! x