Monday, May 20, 2013

jeana & oliver - the seventh month

jeana sohn is a los angeles based lifestyle photographer and the creator of closet visit (if you don't know you must have a look!) as if that isn't enough, she is also the mother of the beautiful oliver moon. i love her honest perspective on motherhood and her fantastic instagram feed. I relate so much to what she wrote in this post as francesca is mere days away from being seven months. it's nice to know i'm not alone! thanks for sharing jeana! 

I'm a first time mom so it's been uncharted waters for me. When oliver hit 6 months, I finally felt like I could breathe, because the dreaded 4 month mark sleep regression finally ended.  He hasn't started teething yet, so knock on wood there. Oliver turned 7 months a couple of weeks ago and there are a few things I've noticed at this age.

First, he's become very mobile. He started crawling and is curious about everything. The other day I fell asleep for about 5 minutes (oops!!!) and I woke to find him off the play mat and opening a basket full of a various small no-no items.  We need to get on that baby proofing soon!

 The next thing I noticed is he's getting better at communicating. (or should I say demanding? Ha!) When he feels tired from playing he reaches his arms out to me asking me to hold him.  When he sees food, he makes whining and grunting noises to let us know he REALLY wants it. It's much harder for us to go out to eat with him now. We used to go out to eat many times a week and he was super easy -- usually sleeping through the meal, waking up right before we would leave, not fussing at all. Now going to a restaurant is a battle. He sees us eating and grunts because he wants some too. He grabs everything in sight. So long eating out, oh well!

Finally, he's suddenly become scared of people he doesn't know. He used to be so friendly and would love to be around people (a real party animal), but now he frequently cries when people so much as look at him. It's a bummer and I hope it's just a short phase.

Overall, it's exciting to see him growing and learning fast and I'm so happy to be a mom.

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  1. Why stop going out to eat?! Let him eat and try all the yummy food you guys are eating