Monday, May 13, 2013

justina & ida - the sixth month

one of my favorite things about living in los angeles is having such a big community of creative women around me. i met justina blakeney a couple of years ago through mutual friends and was immediately drawn to her. she has an infectious energy and an amazing eye for design. she spent a long time living abroad before returning to los angeles and gave me some fantastic food recommendations to check out while i was in italy (this goes a long way in my book!) she is currently in copenhagen with her husband and sweet little ida. follow her adventures here.

At six months, Ida is really a person. She laughs and smiles at things other than her own poop and gas. She is so attentive and, at times, serious. She looks around at this crazy world, like 'woah!' there is so much to take in. We are giving her real food now and she makes the most amusing faces (talk about amuse-bouche) as her tongue touches a surprising variety of new fruits and veggies each day. Her favorite foods besides breast milk are avocado, pear and (wait for it...) pickles! Sometimes I cut fruit in half (like oranges) and put it in a cheesecloth. This occupies her for a long time as she sucks the juice out without the risk of choking. She just started to use the Thinkbaby Sippy cup and even though she's a little young for it, she loves it! I'm still breastfeeding and feeding her with teeth is a whole new ballgame. One that i can't say that I love (I've never been one for sports) – but she is learning and so I am – I make her show me her tongue before she latches on so I know she is going to suck, not gnaw. 

Her repetitive sounds don't seem to have meaning quite yet, but all of her bababas, mamamas, dadadas and gagagas still provide us with so much delight. She LOVES when I sing the song "If you're happy and you know it..." and mimics clapping so we play drum games where I clap with my hands and on my lap and she imitates me. She also loves to bang on our electric piano.

Some of Ida's favorite things right now are a rubix cube and a beaded wooden necklace that I wear and she chews on. It sounds silly but tags and pieces of string can occupy her for up to 15 minutes (which is a lot around here!)

meditation on the sixth month:

the newborn is gone and the fun is just beginning. baby might be able to sit in a high chair and is easily entertained by the smallest things...a tic-tac box, a ribbon, a wooden rattle. wave at them and they might wave right back. food is a new journey - don't be afraid to get messy!


  1. Adorable's hard to lose those little baby moments but the next stage is so fun too!

  2. It's wonderful to watch children as they come into their own. I follow Justina's blog and love that I've found you as well.

  3. Thank you for having me Elizabeth! You are one inspirational mama!