Monday, May 6, 2013

the fifth month - james & sailor

james really needs no introduction but here goes! she is a beautiful mother of four living in nashville and the creator of the lovely bleubird blog. i love her wonderful photos and perspective on motherhood. we have become friends over the past couple of years and also were pregnant at the same time. i remember getting the message from her that she was pregnant and being so excited for her and aubrey. sailor is exactly one month older than my daughter francesca and i love watching his milestones and how much joy he brings his family. thank you sweet james for sharing this beautiful snapshot of life with sailor at five months.

sailor rhodes is my fourth child. the time is speeding by this time more than i can recall with my other children. sailor could be my last, we haven't officially decided on that just yet, but i keep that in mind every day as i watch him grow. each of of my babies have been completely different and each one seems to have been a lot calmer and go-with-the-flow then the one before. i am not sure if this has to do with the child or if i have become more relaxed with age and less worried about each pregnancy, birth and stage ahead. i am soaking in every moment with baby sailor and taking advantage of this time with him for soon he will be crawling and then walking and then talking.

sailor is five months. he is at the stage where his curiosity is in full effect. he really looks at things, observes and watches us in our daily activities. he listens to the chaos, to the interactions and to the music that we have playing throughout our home each day. he is a content little boy. he rarely cries unless there is something to cry about. he whines a bit when he is tired and rubs his eyes to let me know he is ready to sleep. he burrows his head into my chest and then looks up at me with a smile when he is hungry and ready to nurse. he is not fond of poopy diapers and will usually get pretty fussy when he needs a change. speaking of poop, this one blows out his diapers like no other. i cannot tell you how many of his and my clothes that i have to soak in a sink of oxyclean each day.

he is my only baby that has enjoyed tummy time. he rolls over front to back and back to front and can sit up for short periods of time with a bit of assistance. he recently started to push and pull himself a few feet across the bed or across the floor to reach a wooden block or other toy that is close by. he smiles each time with big eyes and i can tell that he is just as proud of himself as i am of him. he is sweet and always smiling. he's a snuggler. he will let anyone hold him and will give you his full attention, examining your face and reaching his hand out gently to feel your features. he adores his brother and sisters and giggles with them often. that is music to my ears let me tell you.

he sleeps with us in our bed at night as all of my babies did. he usually wakes two or three times at night to nurse and then drifts back to sleep. i think i will start giving him a bit of rice cereal before bed each night to help him keep a full tummy so he can sleep through the night. we are not on a strict schedule right now, but he naps twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon for a good long stretch of time. he is a good, good baby and i look at him every single day and just fall more and more in love with him.

a few of his favorite things at the moment… he loves this tiny bunny.  he holds it, chews on it and shines a big smile if you show it to him at any given time. i call it his "magic bunny." he also loves a baby sized maraca that i picked up from a little shop in houston for him. he will shake it for a good half an hour before tiring. he also loves sophie which i think is funny because none of my other babies really cared for her, but he sure does.

music is a big part of our life and there are records playing inside of our four walls most of the time. he loves it when i hold him in my arms and dance with him. if we are listening to an upbeat song like fleetwood mac he will bounce and kick his legs and wave his arms with a giant smile and giggle as we dance and spin around. if it is a slow song like "beautiful boy" by john lennon or a good old sam cooke song he will nuzzle into me and relax as we sway back and forth. he loves it when i sing "this little light" i think he thinks i'm a good singer and i appreciate that very much.

meditation on the fifth month:

baby might already be sitting up for brief periods of time. hold them on your lap and let them see life from this less frustrating perspective. simple objects make the best toys: a scarf to play peek-a-boo, a cold spoon for teething, a wooden block. it is so fascinating to just watch them bliss out on the littlest things. everyone tells you that your little one will be ruined if you don't have them on a schedule. follow your gut and don't worry. everything is still so new to them. the only one who has experienced life with your child is you. not a sleep "expert." your baby is not a textbook example. on that note...


  1. I love this series! I have a daughter born on December 1st and love reading each mamas posts and what to look forward to or take new ideas from each one.

  2. James is one of my favorite bloggers. I loved this insight into her life. So lovely!

  3. I really loved this. I wish James would take the time to write like this on her own blog more often.

  4. Elizabeth, I feel so fortunate to have a little boy that is 4 months old while you are doing this series. I found you through Babyccino and am adoring these posts.

    Kisses from Sweden ^