Wednesday, June 5, 2013

christine and pippa - the ninth month

i've long been a fan of the photographer christine pobke's instagram feed. i followed her through her pregnancy with pippa and love the way she captures life in australia with her growing little one. we have a ton of mutual friends in common and i hope that we get to visit her down under one of these days! 

Pippa is now nine months, which means she's crawling and interested in discovering new things with her hands and feet. She loves seeing the tiniest little speck on the floor from across the room and crawling like mad to get there, only to ever-so-gently pick up said speck and examine it with her index finger and thumb (and then promptly put it in her mouth).

Some of our favourite things:

Music: "Tumble Bee" album by Laura Veirs; Frances England; and Rabbit Days and Dumplings (songs to get her "cultured" to her Asian roots) and "Clap, Clap, Clap Your Hands."
She loves wooden and fabric toys (like from here, here, here, or here);  I've also discovered the reusable BPA free food pouches, Squooshi, where you can puree your own food and put them in a squeezable pouch!

She's obsessed with knocking down anything I stack together, so have been known to make towers of anything and everything: books, blocks, pillows, chew toys, boxes, shoes--and she sets out to destroy them like a tower-seeking missile!

I love her at this age, as she is so much more interactive and curious and explorative, making it fun to take her out on our daily adventures. Whether it's a bird flying past or a kangaroo hopping by, I just know she's loving all the new discoveries and it's so amazing to see her bemusement as she begins to process it all.

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