Sunday, June 30, 2013

hotter than july

this weekend saw double digit temperatures on the east side of los angeles and i packed the girls up and headed west. i love the east side so much but in the summer it can get a bit oppressive. this is when i wish i lived in that trailer park in malibu.


we spent the day at the annenberg beach house which is such a gem. it has a pool, playground on the beach, and a splash pad. the beach isn't easy with a 7 month old so i was grateful for the many, many options. make sure you reserve parking a couple of days before and get there by 11. we didn't reserve a spot by the pool but was able to get on the list and they called our phone when there was availability. after we dried off, we headed to blue plate taco on ocean avenue. i'd never been but wanted to try as i really love blue plate oysterette. there is nothing quite like the tired that swimming and the beach gives you. a little blessing for a tired mama.


we also went to a friend's amazing birthday party in marina del rey. afterwards we stopped on abbot kinney for a snack at gjelina take away. sadly michael had to work but we were able to squeeze in a post-birthday dinner for him at l&e oyster bar back on the east side in silverlake - so good!


  1. I didn't know summer colds existed. And then I came home from Palm Springs last weekend with a nasty cough. I still have it! Its horrible.

  2. Looks fantastic...and i love Elodue's dress..i have rhe same one for my almost two year old and wish every day that i picked up a bigger size when i got it! Xo