Sunday, July 21, 2013

joy and ruby - sixteen months

i've lived in los angeles for six years now and one of the things i'm most grateful for is the community of mothers that surrounds me. i've known joy (from oh joy!) for a few years now and admire her on so many levels. she can always bring a smile to my face and has great perspective on all things motherhood. i'm happy to call her a friend and have loved so much watching ruby grow. i can't believe she's a toddler! 

Oh boy, things really got fun for us around 16 months as Ruby was full into toddlerhood! I slowly found myself referring to her as a toddler more and more...but still calling her my baby just because I wanted to. Around 16 months, Ruby really started loving the sandbox. She'd played with sand a ton of times before, but didn't quite understand how to make the sand do different things, use shovels, and dig holes until now. While we have a set of sand toys for her (a shovel, a sifter, a bucket), she tires of them quickly (like most toddlers do of their own toys), so now I just bring a bunch of different paper or plastic cups each time. They feel new to her, and she loves having a bunch of them to pour sand from one to another or stack to make sand houses. And if they get lost, acquired by another kid, or go missing at the playground, I don't have to stress about chasing down every single piece!

Ruby's favorite food: branzino and brussel sprouts

Favorite song: Settle Down by Yo Gabba Gabba

Favorite game: peek a boo behind our curtains!