Friday, July 19, 2013

ojai summer party

my husband, his best friend whitney, and our friends paige and kelly from bash please decided to host a big party at the ojai rancho inn for no other reason than to celebrate summer. and so the first annual flashbash barbecue was born!

other than the barbecue, my favorite time was the early morning hike to meditation mount that we took before the party began. the stillness and beauty grounded us in why we were there. throughout the beautiful garden there are statements etched in stone that in so many ways reflected the purpose of our gathering.

right human relations
the inclusive practice of loving understanding that treats all beings with respect and dignity

a powerful and abundant energy that nourishes the greatest good for all life

group endeavor
collaborative energy that moves us to think and act purposefully together on behalf of the whole

a lot of things happened over the course of the four days that i was out there. we had a great family pool party but also had the opportunity to have late night and early morning conversations about life and raising our children. i value these conversations even more than the party itself. i can't wait for next year!

i kept hearing a lot of "i feel like i'm in someone's backyard" which to me is a huge compliment. it meant everyone felt right at home. the children were able to run around freely as we were collectively looking after each other. for me, this means everything. i don't live near my family and to know that my little ones are being looked after by their auntie or uncle friends is such a treat. some highlights below!

a big milestone for francesca - she can now wave hello!! (perfect timing ojai)

lots of silly pool time...

and water balloons...

ice cream by coolhaus and face painting...

my sweet friend cleo brought beads and leather strings to make necklaces - such a hit!

music by papa

baby francesca and sailor were definitely more than parallel playing. she wanted his toys!

movie projecting and s'mores after dark

and an evening outing to see the infamous "pink moment" and dinner at boccali's

when we returned to LA, i met up with james, denise, and jordana for some shopping on olvera st. it was so great to finally spend some time with james after knowing each other for a couple of years on social media. so happy her and the family were able to come out!

photos 13, 15, 18 and 19


  1. looks like good times! beautiful pictures!!

  2. It looks like a spectacular party. Parties that last for days are good for the soul.

  3. I was talking with James before she left for this trip, and living vicariously through this wonderful trip on Instagram. I told her, and I'll tell you, I think this is such a brilliant idea. It's wonderful to create a little place full of friends, parents, and kiddos who can all support each other so everyone can have a blast... and it certainly appears that you all did. It was seriously lovely to see so many kids in one beautiful place.


  4. Looks like a wonderful place. I've always wanted to go to Meditation Mountain. I know the same ppl that do the Rancho Inn also is somewhat connected to the new Indonesian restaurant I've wanted to try in Santa Barbara called Sama Sama, so next time I'm there I definitely want to stop by the Mountain and eat at Sama Sama.

  5. i love ojai and it sounds like a perfect weekend.

  6. Seems like a fun weekend! Must have been so adorable to see so many babies and young kids hanging out tgt. :)

  7. Your little family is so gorgeous!