Friday, July 12, 2013

sydney and everett - 15 months

sydney of the daybook blog really hits the nail on the head what life with a baby/toddler is like. repetition. it's often hard to see the newness when you are doing the same thing day in and day out. it's nice to know that you are not alone in this monotony and it's also nice to try and see it with new eyes. with our child's new eyes, hearing that familiar song or story, anchoring them in the world, with their mama, right now. i also liked her post on 10 things that are pretty great about having a toddler. thank you sydney!

For us, 15-months felt like the gateway into toddlerhood. Everett began to have an increased sense of curiosity, express his opinions more often, and became a little more adventurous with his food choices, all while still claiming his spot on my hip or in my lap whenever possible. This stage was one of the absolute most rewarding months as his mama. He personality shone through his serene, sometimes solemn and observational self and then overflowed with his innocent, and bubbly sense of humor. Honestly, he really started to feel like a buddy to me. I mean he's always been my little buddy. But now, he could understand some of what I was saying and respond accordingly and we seemingly had our own little inside jokes, only playing the games and doing the tricks that we knew were the funniest of ALL the games and tricks.

One of our personal favorites for this month was, The Wheels on the Bus. Everett's first word was baby, so his favorite verse of course, was when we would sing, "the babies on the bus say waah, waah, waah" and then rub our eyes for the crying motion. That's still the signal whenever he wants to sing that song ... the eye rub.

This month was also a challenge. All of his molars came in at the same time, and 15-months hit in the coldest month of winter. Our apartment is small and for the most part, with the exception of a few playgroups and hours at the library, we spent the time at home just the two of us. We bathed, often more than once a day, just for the entertainment factor of bubbles, read Everett's favorite books no less than one-million times over, played with his blocks and trains and puzzles, bundled up and went for walks and watched Thomas the Tank Engine too. None of which were monumental ideas of ways to spend time with a budding toddler, but they got us through miraculously to the spring. And is there anything better than watching a toddler take in their first real warm spring and summer? And also to see 1,284 children on a playground at the same time? No, it's sort of the best.


  1. 15 month baby---is need to much care specially from mom and that the stage from where kids start learning new thing for their life.:)

  2. Congratulations to Sydney on Everitt's half way to his 2nd year already! It's really wondrous to see our litle ones grow up isn't it.

  3. He's a really cute baby! Not so little any longer soon too! The childhood years fly by so quickly for kids so I hope yo'uve got lots of memories and pictures of little Sydney to put away into storage!