Wednesday, July 3, 2013

tori and lucca - thirteen months

i met tori from sitting in a tree events before she had her sweet girl lucca. it's been such a pleasure to watch the beautiful metamorphosis she went through in becoming a mother. lucca travels everywhere with her mama and papa and is so suited for these adventures. i have so loved watching their life together unfold and her words below are perfect in their simplicity. there is nothing a burgeoning toddler wants more than to explore their surroundings. her's is a great reminder, be present and see through your child's eyes. thank you tori!

lucca has been a delight from day one. and each month just gets better. we've been traveling with her since she was 1 month old because our lifestyle requires it, but also because we've wanted to share the world and adventures with her. we've been on all sorts of plane & car rides and this babe has seen places some people only dream about!

she started walking at thirteen months and that meant our adventures just got better because she could finally explore on foot (and her hands and knees weren't so dirty!). i start to go stir crazy with too many indoor activities so our walks are by far my favorite time together these days. even if we're traveling, we still explore on foot. she'll grab my hand, pick up rocks, touch the petals of flowers, slow down, speed up, we just take it all in as we go. witnessing the little things that she's drawn to makes me slow down and take a deep breath forgetting a messy house or an email i need to respond to. it's just us and some fresh air and whatever path her little feet decide to take that day. i love to point out the words she knows ('flowers', 'dog') and watch her respond to these things we find along the way. her face just lights up in recognition and it makes my heart swell to share that. i truly can't imagine it getting better, sometimes, but i know each month brings something new and exciting to share.

fave food: berries- blueberries, strawberries, raspberries... she's a fan.

fave song: twinkle, twinkle little star. we sing it to her at night and she sings along now.

fave game: being tickled. seeing her laugh is one of our favorite things, too, so it's a win win. and 'tickle tickle' was actually one of her first words/sayings. pretty cute.

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  1. Absolutely love Tori & her sweet little Lucca. <3 Enjoying this series!! xo