Monday, July 8, 2013

vivian and phoebe - fourteen months

i asked vivian chiang, mother of three girls and co-founder of orbit baby, to share some thoughts on the fourteenth month with her youngest daughter phoebe. Her words left a smile on my face and an excitement to watch francesca and elodie grow up together. thank you vivian!

As I write this I am already saddened by the reminder that Phoebe is now 14 months. How would I characterize her? She is BIG. Not just big in size, but big in every way. She has a big heart. A big smile. A big hearty laugh (like that uncle you've always felt slightly awkward around). She has big, broad movements. A big arm swipe is how I'd describe her favorite dance move. A big, fearless lean backwards when she first gets in the swing - soaking in the sun with no care in the world.  A big turn from tummy to back in the pool, with no fear of submersing her head under water. She blows pool bubbles as big as her big sister's. She embraces the world around her with a big heart, saying "hihihihihi" to strangers until she gets a "hi" back. Saying "hi" to the waitress at the restaurant so loudly that everyone turns to stare. Saying – no, shouting – "bye" to the puppy she sees across the street. She embraces her sisters unconditionally every night with her big "squishy hugs" (a game we play) where she just lies on top of them and squishes them with all her might. Like the pop star PSY, she is bold and daring, and can cross her arms and do Gangnam style without missing a beat.

Perhaps she is bigger than life because of her two older sisters. She can't wait to walk (she's getting there). She can't wait to eat lollipops (yes, I am a terrible mom and have given her one already, though I'm pretty sure it was organic). She can't wait to drink water from a cup (no more sippy cups, straws will suffice, thank you). She can't wait to go to school as she sits by the window every morning waving goodbye, holding her sweatshirt in one hand (waiting for her stroll to the park). She can’t wait to go shoe shopping – this weekend I dug up all of her older sisters’ shoes from the garage, and she tried on ten pairs, all while standing and holding onto the wall. Sitting down and trying them on would not have been sophisticated enough.

In short, Phoebe, at 14 months, has a big personality. If she was 14, she would be the life of the party, cracking jokes, giving hugs, and dancing like there's no tomorrow. I can't imagine a funner age than now. But more importantly, I can't wait to be her friend. That big smile of hers brings flutters to my heart every, single time. I love you, Phoebe.

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