Wednesday, August 21, 2013

emily and elisabetta - twenty months

emily zak is a dear friend of mine that lives too, too far away. she is an executive fashion editor for british vogue in london and has been living there for the past ten years. i traveled to london to throw her baby shower in 2011 and am still trying to scheme up a way to meet her family in greece one of these summers (her husband is greek.) she was on a remote island when i asked her to contribute so the format is a bit different. seeing little betta and reading about her at twenty months just reminds me of what a beautiful age it is. and i'm totally going to start singing the girl from ipanema to francesca! thank you emily for participating!! 

Elisabetta loves dancing along to almost any kind of music with a good beat. She hops and jumps, waves her arms and holds our hands to give her more jump.

She loves going on Nik’s shoulders. We are trying to get her to walk more when we go out, so this is both a treat and a rest. She likes singing and will take parts of all the songs we sing and mix them together, the itsy bitsy spider, the abc’s, the wheels on the bus, ba ba black sheep.

She likes reading books to herself.

We sometimes walk to Hyde park to see the ducks, and Betta likes to stop and sit in the long grass along the way…Walk walk walk plop…walk walk plop.

When we go to Greece, she loves the social activity. We often go the beach en masse, with 10 people and all her small cousins. She loves them and likes to talk about them when we go back to London.

Her favourite books are Goodnight Moon (we try to find the mouse on each page), Zog the dragon, and Maisy goes swimming - we point out all the things she brings with her.

For comfort, we snuggle together while I sing songs. The girl from Ipanema is a favourite as it was the only song I could remember when she came home from hospital as a tiny baby.

If she is really upset about a fall or feeling cranky, we look out the window and talk about what we see. A car, what colour the car is, a cat on a window sill, rain,etc.

Betta is bilingual (English/Greek) in baby speak with a preference for the easier words of each language. She says ‘where is the bunny? ‘nato’ (there it is), and likes to point out bugs as ‘cute zuzuni’(little bugs) – which is also a nickname we call her. She was very proud of a new word Carpuzi (watermelon) we learned yesterday. And says ‘pame appa’ let’s go for a walk.

She loves vegetables and her favourite foods are probably broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, raisins, grapes, lemons, and avocados, and she is really curious to try whatever we are eating.

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