Monday, August 26, 2013

ergobaby adventure pt. 1: a day in malibu

i was recently asked by ergobaby to share how i use their carriers and since it is summer i decided to take them to some of my favorite los angeles spots.

first stop, malibu.

i headed out to the ocean with my girls and my sweet friends bonnie tsang and her daughter venise. it was so fun to all pile in the car, listen to some music, and hear the girls entertain themselves in the back. we stopped at neptune's net for some of their famous fish and chips before we staked out a beach for some shell collecting.

it's taken a while but i finally think i have the hang of outings with the girls. francesca loves to be close and is most happy when she is being worn. this also gives me hands free so that i can interact with elodie easily and she doesn't get the sense that i'm fussing too much over baby (one of our current challenges!)  i inevitably leave something critical at home but, no joke, i get a bit depressed if one of those things is my ergobaby. if i know it's a relatively short trip, i'l stick my car keys, a little wallet with cash, and a diaper into the zip pocket so i can feel a bit free and not burdened by a diaper bag. i am definitely not one of those moms who have everything but the kitchen sink with me. this can lead to some funny moments but i'm (generally) ok with that.

i'm still exclusively breastfeeding francesca. no bottles and the easiest thing ever to breastfeed in the carrier. just loosen the straps a little (still pretty snug) and make sure you wear something you can pull down. i usually carry a colorful scarf for extra coverage (and to shield her from the sun.)

sometimes though...i have to carry them both. i wish i could still carry elodie on my back in the ergo!
i'm wearing the ergobaby organic carrier in navy. 

photos by bonnie tsang


  1. I've had an ergobaby for my kids, and I wouldn't live without it.. It is great if you want to go places, but like the freedom of not bringing a buggy all the time :-)

  2. How beautiful! And to live that close to a proper beach, sigh.

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