Friday, August 16, 2013

four and a half

ahhh my sweet girl,

where to begin? we just celebrated your half year birthday. the moment you turned four you started telling everyone you were four and a half. i said, "not so fast elodie. you have just turned four. i promise you that you will know when you are four and a half." a promise is a promise. on that special day, i picked out four balloons, made you a card, and chose a favorite cupcake for you. you were so surprised and happy to finally have made it to four and a half. 

when you settle into bed i think about you. the way you turn your pillow over to the cold side, your new found love of wearing lacy socks with your shoes, how you love to trace my face with your fingers and sit on my lap while we read books every evening. right now you love the sleep book by dr. seuss and cyrus the unsinkable sea serpent

you are an expert whistler. i can hear you from the other room and i sometimes think it is your papa. it just seems so sweet and cheerful to me. even if it changes when you are older, i will never forget the sound of your whistle as it is right now. 

you are afraid of the legs on your dresser. they look like animal legs to you i think and we have to hide them with your big polar bear and some smaller animals every night. 

you have one favorite skirt. and one favorite shirt. i wish i had a back up of this simple outfit that you love. 

we went on a date to the movies the other night. you sat on my lap the entire time and had your hand down my shirt. every once in a while you would pull me close and kiss me on the cheek and give me a hug. i felt like a sweepstakes winner. 

i have to say, sunday mornings are hard. for some reason or another i am paying too much attention to frankie and you can be really mean to me. i have to take a zillion deep breaths and remember that in a couple of hours i won't remember why i'm so cross. sometimes i have to take a trillion deep breaths. 

every night you draw us a picture on your magnadoodle before bed. i almost cringe when you erase it to start the new one but somehow each one is more genius than the one before.

we were deciding whether or not to grow your bangs out so you look a little shaggy right now although you don't seem to mind. when i see you with your bangs out of your face i see my little eighteen month old and my heart surges. but part of me wonders if i have to let that last bit of your babyhood go to make way for the awesome five year old kid you are about to become.

*things you say:

do you want to see me fly? close your eyes til I jump and open when I'm in the air.

it's the first day of her life to go this far right?

Everything that goes into your body digestes.your teeth crunches food. Into little bites and it digestes.

We're in the land of San Diego right?

do you remember when Frankie was zero?

q is my favorite letter because it has a tail.

I like the rental car. What's your favorite part?

when you and mama were little I was in heaven waiting. I was in heaven with Frankie. heaven was so fun.

what's your favorite color today? It has to be brown or pink or red. which one?

If you take fur from a kitty you get to make three big pillows. for real. Delilah told me.

does whales eat cars?

I'm a real fly taker away right?

is skin meat?

dinosaurs are dead because of all the volcanoes. What else makes the dinosaurs dead?

I wish I can have a truck when I'm older.

or I would like to ride in a jeep when I'm older like 50.

does dragons like tacos?

now I can feel the fesh beeze. thefesh breeze.

have you ever seen honeyknuckles? Petra has some in her back yard (honeysuckle)

whoevers over there is in traffic right? (on the other side of the freeway)

our mulberry tree is so delicious. I'm hungry for some more mulberries cuz their so sweet. yum.

i love the moon and stars and going to space I always dream about those things and going to space with you guys and Frankie in her car seat.

you have to say the secret door knock to go in my room.

this light will keep you company (her sparkler on 4th of july)

mama I have to tell you something. Since we did the sparklers that's why the fireworks came out

they're gorgeous. they're berry beautiful. do you wanna watch them on the couch? we can all curl up. (fireworks)

I can't wait til my baby sister can walk. that'll be so cute.

ohhhh crap.

when I woke up in the night my pinky was wrinkly. it's not anymore.

I wish we were in that shell and could go back to the beach.


  1. Elizabeth…this is why I keep coming back to your blog time and time again, you write the most beautiful words that feel straight from the heart. Your girls are so clever to have chosen you as a mother ;)

  2. This inspires me so. I can only hope I'm as good a mother some day (soon hopefully!). Happy weekending x

  3. So awesome. I love this. Q is and was my favorite letter too.

  4. I just adore your posts like this one. Not sure if I've ever commented here before, but it's been really fun watching Elodie grow through your eyes. Thanks for painting such a pretty picture of mama-hood and child-hood. :)

  5. Hey your hair was much impressive looks too good in your way you expressed in the pictures..i love it..


  6. I'm not one to comment often but this was just so unbelievably touching. These moments are fleeting and you managed to capture it perfectly.

  7. i love this. like many of the others i very rarely, hardly ever leave comments, but this was just too sweet. i wrote something similar when my son turned 1 - this reminds me i have to do it again, and often...thx

  8. Ah, such sweetness out of the mouth of your oldest. So glad you wrote it down, as it is so hard to remember as they get older. Beautiful photos!

  9. this is so precious. we have a four and a half year old as well, and this made me smile at how pure and free their precious little souls are. i want to stop time!

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