Monday, August 5, 2013

jodi and poet - the eighteenth month

it seems like just yesterday that jodi from che & fidel was pregnant with poet and now she's on her way to two. i've always enjoyed her writing and photography and many of her insights on parenting resonate with me. seeing how i'm heading into the messy crawling phase with francesca, it's soothing to hear this about 18 months. thank you for sharing jodi!

Within the 18th month there is such a leap in awareness; Poet has all-of-a-sudden grown up, like she's left the 'baby' behind. I like this age, the first glimpse of independence when the child really begins to comprehend and communicate. It's like watching the pieces of the puzzle come together.  As a parent it's an opportunity to exhale - the difficult and often messy crawling, food splattered everywhere stage is over and you can stand back a little, with baited breath, and observe. 

The best thing about 18 months? Once Poet has explored and discovered she comes right back to me, into my arms, for comfort and reassurance before venturing out again.

Our favourite song:

It's a little rhyme from Anita Jeram's book "All Together Now" 

"We're the little honeys, 
A little honey is sweet. 
Quack, quack, squeak, squeak, 
Thump your great big feet."

Poet dances to it with such joy.

We also sing twinkle, twinkle every day (all three verses) and, of course, "round and round the garden..." complete with tickles up the arm.

A few of our favorite toys:

The rainbow stacker is one of the best toys we own - it becomes a series of bridges, roads, hiding places, boats etc.

We've been spending a lot of time over summer drawing on our driveway. We use vivid chalk from chalkchook.

Poet takes her little basket everywhere, carries it over her arm like a little old lady, and collects bits and pieces wherever we go. We bought ours locally but you can also get them here.

Poet loves painting, we use the gorgeous watercolours from Micador (or US here)

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  1. Such a sweetheart. They seriously grow up so quickly!