Monday, August 12, 2013

rebecca, bo, and revi - nineteen months

i met rebecca of girl's gone child here in los angeles a few months back. we both grew up in north county san diego and got on immediately, i felt like i could talk to her forever. i'm in awe of mothers in general but mothers with i don't know how many times i've said to myself in a challenging moment "just think how hard it would be if i had twins." but i also imagine the rewards must be as sweet. peeking into rebecca's life as a mama to four and reading her words makes me feel like it must be so. thank you for sharing rebecca!

This was the month my little girls joined hands for the first time and went running down the sidewalk, giggling until they fell. It was as magical as I envisioned it when I first accepted that I would be delivering twins.
"This is my favorite age," I routinely say to myself re: toddlerhood, and nineteen months is smack dab in the middle of that age - the age of fumbling and bumbling and going from first words to first sentences...

At nineteen months Bo's favorite things to do = dance and make friends with strangers. She is like nobody I have ever met in terms of fearlessness with humans. She will climb onto a bench beside an old man and ask him to sing "row row" with her. She is our performer and regularly puts on concerts for invisible audiences, climbs on tables, tries as hard as she can to reach the chandelier. 

Revi's favorite things to do = collect many things and put those things in baskets to be worn as purses and carried up and down the hall and, of course, be held. She is one minute younger than her twin sister and the baby in the family in every way. At nineteen months I was still carrying her in the ergobaby every day when I picked the kids up at school. She still sucks her thumb and needs her blankie with her at all times. 

The twins go down every night around 7:30 and spend a good thirty minutes chatting back and forth with one another. They wake up much the same way, and mostly sleep through the night. (They never wake each other up anymore. They sleep right through one another's wake-ups which is pretty amazing considering their cribs are two feet away from each other.) 

Revi takes care of Bo, brings her her shoes and sweater if I ask if the girls want to go outside. Revi always tends to Bo before herself. Will tear her cheese in two to give half to her sister, and is constantly looking for her. 

"Dodo," she calls her. 

Their relationship blows my mind every day and I feel so incredibly lucky to get to eavesdrop on their bond as they grow. 

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