Tuesday, September 10, 2013

countdown to crafting community!

it's a mere three weeks until crafting community at the ace hotel in palm springs and this post on babble sums up the reasons why you should be there too! i have been collaborating with crafting community on a fun playbook that each family will receive. it will be such a great memento of this beautiful family time in the desert.

get tickets here.

top image: doug thomas bottom image: travel and leisure


  1. Ohh.. Crafting, yoga and biking <3 sounds so great. Sadly I'm very far away. Hope you have some great days.

  2. Oh man... when I went three years ago I didn't know anybody there, and now all the cool people are going :) I would love to go again, but it's more than double what it cost the first time around. Guess I will just have to savor those memories!!

  3. I thought that was Mom on the bicycle.