Monday, September 9, 2013

jamie and henry - twenty two months

i met jamie in palm springs before henry was a blink in her eye. she authors the blog a desert fete and is part of the photography duo rad + in lovei've always loved her sense of humor and thoughtful approach to life and it has been pure joy to watch henry grow from a baby into a toddler. thank you for participating jamie! 

I've loved seeing Henry's emotional and imaginative abilities develop over the last few months. Seeing him mimic or react to the emotion expressed by a character in a book or on a toy, or by another living being, has been a real delight. Until recently, all of his play was strictly physical, but he starting to dabble into the imaginative. Feeding his toy animals, pushing along his cars and making their related sounds, or turning any object that will slide along our wood floors into a train. Choo choo!

Toys: Although I started collecting the precious wooden ostherheimer figures for him since his first Christmas, he's REALLY related to the plastic animal figurines that you can find at Michael's. He LOVES them, and I keep a little baggu zipper bag stuffed with them in my purse. His favorite car is the Kid O Go Car. It glides smooth and fast and has a wonderfully big handle for small clumsy hands.

Books: our friend Jora's family keeps a lovely seasonal display on their mantle. On it we discovered Gurda Muller's seasonal books, Winter Spring Summer and Fall. They are a current favorite, hands down. With no words, I find we both engage so deeply with what's going on. I'm not phoning it in and just reading the words to the story, and Henry is never in a hurry to get to the next page. We get lost in the drawings, and I love discovering new things each time we read it- or hearing papa read it and see totally different things than I catch.

Song: we learned this clean up song at our mommy and me Waldorf play group. We sing it before nap and bed time, so that we get a chance to clean up Henry's toys and play areas. Some days (or weeks) he does better at participating than others, but that's ok. The routine is what's important. Our version is slightly modified from the original, I think.

I met a little dusty gnome, who says its time to clean our home. Time for toys to take a rest, let's clean our home and do our best. Dust dust dust, sweep sweep sweep. Clean our home.


  1. So good! Love them. And, um, how cute is that clean-up song?! xo.

  2. Yay finally my little girls age! Been waiting for 22 months!