Thursday, September 26, 2013

lanterns to light the way

it is important to me that my little ones feel a connection to the different times of year and understand the changing of the seasons. the change from summer to fall, although gradual here in los angeles, is happening. it's getting dark earlier each night, the smell of wood burning is in the air (where is it coming from?), the sound of the leaves rustling in the trees, autumn is upon us.

over the weekend elodie and i made some little lanterns to celebrate the autumnal equinox and michaelmas. we made due with the supplies we had in our makeshift craft cupboard. we found colorful tissue paper, mod podge, scissors, and mason jars. we still need to make our handles but, so far, these lanterns are a hit.

elodie wanted to make her lantern look like the night sky by the ocean and i made mine a typical los angeles night sky - burning pinks, oranges, and yellow. every night we have lit them before bed, telling stories by their soft glow. one story that i particularly love you can find here. i told elodie this story last year and the year before. this was the first year that it really captivated her.

"the sunlight fast is dwindling, 
my little lamp needs kindling, 
it beam shines far in darkest night,
dear lantern, guard me with your light." 

i love keeping this little lantern by her bed. she blows out the candle and sends love and blessings to all of those she loves before she falls asleep.

we welcome this new season and all the festivities it brings!

instructions for our humble lanterns. i know there is a better way to do this but i'm not a great crafter so i will leave that to the experts!

- tear up your strips of tissue paper
- paint your jar/lantern with a thin coat of mod podge
- carefully layer your tissue on glass
- wait ten minutes then cover tissue paper with a second coat of mod podge
- let dry for a few hours outdoors

i like the handles shown here but next year i will maybe buy these!


  1. i have recently learned that we have mutual friends in common and your last couple posts are making me wish we I would have met you and your lovely family when you where in seattle this summer! we are homeschooling and have incorporated a bit of waldorf into our learning this year. we have added some daily, weekly and monthly rituals that are working beautifully with our family (i hope to blog about it soon). but i mostly wanted to share our autumn lantern craft with you. :)
    love and light

  2. what a great idea! thanks for sharing!

  3. Such a fun craft for little ones! And inexpensive ;)

    xo kristen genevieve

  4. Making lanterns out of mason jars is pure genius. I think most people have a few of them lying around the house anyway. And they seem to take up a lot of space when you have a box full of them in your garage. Using them as the outside shell of candle lanterns could really help me finally use those for something. It would also give my kids something to do during the summer.