Monday, September 23, 2013

ten months with you

the whole time i was pregnant with francesca i joked that i would be perfectly happy if someone handed me a nine month old as that was when the fun really began. i am so grateful that i was able to experience all the months before now but i do still feel that nine months is the beginning of something really, really great. this month has brought her first word, first steps, first real kisses. i have been spending more time documenting these firsts in a written journal to her but couldn't help but also document it here. i am in love with this sweet girl. deeply besotted. people already say she is not a baby anymore (crazy) but this is truly the only place and time i want to be. right now with my ten month old.

i love you francesca.


  1. So beautiful! My son is nearly 7 months, and I can't even fathom the thought of him sputtering his first word in just a couple of months.. seems too soon! (even though I've been through it all just a year and a half ago with my daughter!). Beautiful words, beautiful photos, as always. xx

  2. My son is the same age as Belle's son (above) and I share her thoughts and sentiment. I never realised how bittersweet parenting would be. With each thing lost something very beautiful is gained. Such wonderful thoughts to wake up to this morning. Thank you

  3. Little bum! So cute. She is so advanced, right? My niece is now 17months and was a preemie so she didn't start walking until around 13months. Still waiting for her first words! :)

    xo kristen genevieve