Thursday, October 3, 2013

alyson and wolf - twenty four months

alyson is the author of unruly things, one of my first internet reads. her instagram feed is filled with picture after beautiful picture of the pacific northwest which always leaves me yearning for more time up north. i love los angeles but part of my heart belongs in the pine trees and she seems to always be out in the fresh air with her husband and sweet little wolf. it is hard to believe that her once tiny baby is now two! how wonderful to watch all that he is becoming. thank you alyson for sharing!

wow. how are we already here? remembering back to when Wolf turned 1 and thinking how distant 2 seemed.  and yet, here we are. with a full fledged kid. 

Wolf matured tenfold when he turned two. he literally became two overnight.  he was suddenly more aware of his surroundings and walks beside me, rather than me dragging him along by the wrist. he talks in complete sentences and has conversations with me.  he's even started to obey a few simple rules.    

he's a pro at communicating and can say {and repeat} pretty much anything he wants to.  I have to watch myself with what I say around him.  currently he thinks saying "stupid mosquito", after hearing me say it to a stupid mosquito that bit my arm, is the most hilarious thing ever. thankfully my potty mouth hasn't slipped up and had my little sponge repeat me. 

he loves to sing and play music.  a natural – taking after his mama, I suppose!  he'll sit down at his toy piano and sing the ABCs.  he's also started to recognize songs that we play for him and sings along.  and boy does this kid love to dance!  when there's music on, chances are he's bouncing, jumping or twirling around.  before Wolf goes to bed at night, after we read stories, we sing songs.  sometimes it's an old favorite like Twinkle, Twinkle, and sometimes I make up songs. lately it's been a little custom rendition of Wheels on the Bus to include Wheels on the Firetruck, Wheels on the Tractor, Wheels on the Skateboard, etc.  the kid loves music and sure loves his wheeled things, too. 

speaking of wheels, his favorite toys these days are cars.  definitely a little boy! he just got a yellow school bus for his birthday, along with a set of matchbox cars.  I love seeing his imagination bloom.  he'll line up his cars all in a row and tell me that they're going to the grocery store or he'll push around his school bus and say that it's going to preschool.  playtime reached a whole new level of fun. 

Wolf is just the sweetest kid. he's gentle with the cats, loves to snuggle with me {and a pile of stuffed animals, naturally}, shares his toys with his friends and, on most days, is just a joy to be around. he's got an infectious smile that slays me every time. I could be mad or tired or in a bad mood and to see that little face beaming up at me just turns my day completely around. 

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