Monday, October 21, 2013

francesca's nursery mood board + the honest & the land of nod "feather your nest" sweepstake

when the land of nod and the honest company asked me to put together a mood board for their "feather your nest" pin it to win it sweepstake, it was a final kick in the pants to get francesca's nursery finished. i already use many of their products and love that they wanted me to showcase how i would make her nursery safe and stylish. i'm going to jump right in to my favorite things about designing her room but make sure to read below on how you can enter to win one year of all honest bundles + a $1500 gift certificate to the land of nod to make over your child's nursery, bedroom, or play room.

somehow before francesca was born i convinced myself that i didn't need to get her nursery ready. so her room sat with boxes filled with hand me downs and old playthings from elodie. around eight months we realized that we were going to transition her to a crib and the desire to create a space just for her took hold. there has been something so nice about working on a baby's room after they are born. you definitely get a better sense of their personalities. francesca is a calm, sleepy soul and i wanted her room to reflect that. i also knew we wanted to have lots of soft colors and natural wood for a feeling of harmony and well being.

i was already in love with the caravan crib from kalon studios and that was the first piece we put in her room. it transitions into a toddler bed so we will have it for a long while and it is beautiful in it's simplicity of design. kalon studio's commitment to using sustainable, non-toxic materials made it a good fit for us. in many ways, the crib is the cornerstone of the room and everything else refers back to it.

get on their level:

as a parent, you spend a lot of time on the floor with your child playing with them or sitting as they play with toys. i have found this perspective so helpful in designing her space as i get a chance to see things from the ground up (literally). the room has to be safe and functional for her and i've implemented some tips from building a montessori bedroom that i already see working for her. as she transitions to a toddler, we will modify. 

we have set up low lying bookshelves and storage bins for her toys and dolls. i cover her toy baskets with a silk so there is an extra element of surprise for her when we take them out. i'm going to set up a blanket and pouf in a corner for reading time. i have a designated changing area on the floor where i change her diaper and her clothes. they get so squirmy after 8 months and i've never been a fan of changing tables. every evening we light a candle so francesca knows the bed time routine is going to begin which has been such a sweet marker for her (and for elodie.) there is a sheepskin on the floor where she gets a little massage after bath every night. i have a little bin filled with honest diapers, wipes, healing balm, and bath oil that is low lying and ready to use. i use honest's bath oil or calendula oil for her massage depending on her temperament that evening.  

harmony in design:

the minimal nature of the crib, rocking chair, and dresser pair well with items that have a lovely texture, color, or pattern. i suppose there is a woodland animals theme but it just happened naturally. we visit our family in the pacific northwest every year and always see deer, bunny, raccoons, squirrels, and even opossums. one of the first animals francesca really noticed was a deer at her grandparents' house on whidbey island this past august. she started panting and frantically waving her arms. it is such a lovely memory that i can't wait to share with her. 

i always justify spending a little more on a dress or pair of booties or a bonnet that she can wear but then would be perfect for display afterwards. 

art is so personal so, in addition to having one or two prints, we will have some family photos of us displayed on her dresser. i love choosing things that have meaning or relevance to our family life. 

and now, the fun part! 

from october 21st-november 1st, you can participate in the #featheryournest pin it to win it sweepstakes by entering via a Facebook app here

one random winner will be chosen to receive one year of all honest bundles + a $1500 gift certificate for the land of nod to create or makeover your child's nursery, kids' rooms, or play rooms. i've already pinned a load of ideas over on honest's feather your nest pinterest board. it's been so fun. i can't wait to see your ideas!

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