Monday, October 14, 2013

immunity boosters

fall is here and i'm just slowly remembering that we are usually full blown sick by the end of october. this year i am taking out my preventative remedies early in the hope that we can get through this cold and flu season (relatively) unscathed. here is a list of my favorite things (some of which are obvious).

for the adults:

water, water, water and as much rest as i can get with an 11 month and 4 year old.

lots of time outdoors and exercise.

i start off my morning with half of a lemon squeezed in a mug of warm water. this is a great way to start every day but particularly during cold season. if i have a sore throat or if i'm feeling run down i add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the mug. it's delicious!

i drink two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water twice a day to strengthen the immune system. i stopped this while i was pregnant as i heard varying opinions on whether it could harm baby but recently got the green light from my doc to resume even while breastfeeding.

my sister got me hooked on doterra's proprietary blend "on guard". i take three drops in a glass of water. in the morning i put a drop of oregano oil on my feet. the smell of oregano drives my husband crazy but i swear it has kept many a sickness at bay in our house. i also use their "breathe" respiratory blend when we get stuffy. i always keep a bottle of eucalyptus oil in the shower and put a drop or two in the running water. such an easy way to get your house smelling spa like and a good way to clear your lungs.

i also love their ddr prime supplement which is a bunch of great immunity boosting oils in capsule form.

for elodie:

doterra also makes a beadlet form of "on guard" which i give to elodie before she heads to preschool every day. they also have toothpaste, hand wash, and throat lozenges. i'm kind of nuts and love them all!

i try to make sure she gets all of her vitamins through her food but do give her a vitamin d, dha, and vitamin c/probiotic supplement. there are many good ones on the market, i always get brands that i've heard good things about or my friends use. ask around!

i've been giving her this wellness immune support supplement since last year.

when she seems rundown, i eliminate sugar and draw her an extra bath with california baby eucalyptus ease bubble bath or bath drops.

i'm always looking for new things to add to our arsenal and would love your suggestions!


  1. Yes! Wellness Formula is the best! We use the kids and adult supplements (although my son doesn't like the taste)-- keeps colds at bay all winter! Also I swear by a spoonful of honey and one of coconut oil morning and evening

  2. i try to eat some ginger everyday, also a ginger+lemon infussion at nights...
    we also take vitamin d (not just my little girl but me too) when there's a grey day, and dha just for me (i still breastfeed her, so i 'give' her the dha) but just the days i don't eat something with omega3.
    thanks for your tips!

  3. We love organic astragulus. It comes in a capsule and it's an amazing immune booster. You can take one daily and then more if you are exposed to someone or feel something coming on.

  4. sounds very similar to my routine. josh hates my rose face oil, so i also relate to 'my husband hates the smell of.'

    i love essential oils. i make a few custom sprays that i put on my bed, the office chairs and the front room. i love the smell and the way they make me feel. i've also been really into formulas lately.

  5. Erin.lowe12@gmail.comOctober 15, 2013 at 9:22 PM

    I am very curious about these oils. I love lavender and it helped so much during my labor but haven't really tried any others. Thanks for the great list!

  6. I'm so glad you posted this. My daughter is constantly sick from October-April. I am vigilant about her sleep schedule, we eat tons of fresh fruits and veggies, yet she seems to catch every bug that goes around! I'm just a couple weeks away from having a baby, so I've been worried about her being sick so often around our new one. I am going to try some of these and see if they help us stave off some illness this winter!

  7. Oh my gosh this is so great! There are so many things I am excited about in this post. and having my house smell like a spa is just one of them! thank you!!!!

  8. These are all wonderful ideas! Pinning this now for future reference. :) My go to remedy for when I feel a cold coming on (or unfortunately already have one) is warm salt water, both gargled and used in a netti pot. I swear by my netti pot, it flushes out all the yuckies and makes me feel better instantly as well as greatly reduces sick time.