Wednesday, November 20, 2013

mini boden brightens the season

i recently came across mini boden which is such a lovely brand out of the uk. elodie is finally coming out of the toddler age and there is shockingly not as many great clothes options for her. elodie is so picky already and her requirements are for her clothes to be pretty but with all the room she needs to run, jump, and play at the park. we received a mini boden catalog and she sat for a good spell telling me her favorite dresses, skirts, and shoes. they make such fantastic basics (such as these pointelle long sleeve shirts) and we stocked up for the cooler season. elodie's favorite thing is wearing skirts that twirl and mini boden's are extra special with a hidden colorful layer. baby boden also has some great basics and special little sets. i really love this one.

right now mini boden is offering 25% off everything plus free shipping from now until december 13th with code N013.

i'm so happy that we are finally getting a bit of gloom in los angeles. i don't mind it as the dark contrasts so lovely with all the bright and cheery colors associated with the holidays. it's also a good excuse to get cozy and make things together. we always need to get out of the house in the afternoon and today  we headed to a local park and then to the little flower candy company for a little treat.

as soon as elodie sees the swings she makes a beeline and francesca waddles as fast as her little legs will carry her to catch up. at some point elodie realizes francesca needs her and she doubles back to help her along. the way the baby's face lights up gets me every time.

francesca likes to swing. for a loooong time. elodie loves to go around in circles until she is dizzy.

thank you mini boden!

this is a sponsored post. all opinions are my own. i never review products that i would not gladly purchase myself. 


  1. My hubby is british and we love Boden! My older girlis very fussy with what she wears..only dresses and skirts! I just ordered the birdie dress and some skirts..thanks for the heads up!

  2. love boden! I just had my first child in July and the clothes are just darling. So well made.

  3. Oh how lovely! Thank you for sharing this treat!


  4. oh i love that birdie dress. so sweet!

  5. So beautiful. I went to order some things and they were sold through on so much!