Tuesday, November 5, 2013

this is halloween

we came back from mexico straight into halloween. last year i was in the hospital with one day old francesca so i missed trick or treating with elodie. this year, i couldn't wait to take her. normally we go to the self realization fellowship on mt. washington but couldn't tear ourselves away from our new neighborhood's trick or treating. south pasadena was such a great place to go and so close to home. we met friends for a few houses and when they left, more friends joined us. what a perfect night.

watching elodie go door to door was so sweet. she would run up to the door and knock on it, whisper trick or treat and, once she was given a treat, quietly ask for one for her baby sister. we didn't know she was doing that at first but then quickly caught on that she was getting double the treats. we always encourage her to ask for things that she needs at restaurants and other public places. i think it's so important for little ones to be able to ask adults for things that they want or need. it was really cute to see her lean into the person and ask timidly but clearly. my brave four year old.