Wednesday, December 11, 2013

a birthday date

you asked for a date to disneyland for your fifth birthday present with "no baby, just mama and papa." we thought it would be fun for you to have a friend so gg met us for a couple of hours. we went mid-week and there were very little lines which was so fantastic. you loved showing papa the tiki room, meeting snow white, and, of course, it's a small world which was decorated for the holidays. we sang it's a small world and jingle bells the whole time. i love that you will probably remember glimpses of this trip. i remember so clearly it's a small world and my papa holding me on the tram at the end of a long day. i hope that you felt how much fun we had just watching your wonder.

your favorite things:
eating a birthday churro outside sleeping beauty's castle
seeing captain hook
riding in the front seat of space mountain and splash mountain! "mama can we go again?"
holding your friend's hand running towards it's a small world
picking out a teddy bear at the end of the night
seeing santa during the parade

we love you sweet girl and can't wait for you to turn five!

1 comment:

  1. What a sweet time! And Disneyland looks like a ghost town.