Monday, December 16, 2013

now you are five

i really just can't believe you are five now. you are taller, a little more angular, and full of thoughtful questions but you still seem so very little to me. you have the same smile, the same infectious lap, greeting everyone cheerfully from the top of your lungs. if i could describe you in one word it would be cheerful. you are my sanguine child. you always keep me on the sunny side.

things you do:

every night you hide under your covers and we act like you must have gone on a trip and lay down on top of you. this sends you into peals of laughter every single time.

you are afraid to be in a different room than us which means i go to the bathroom with you always.

francesca will start to cry and you will say "baby, baby, shhhhh, it's alright. oh poor baby."

at dinner time when we give you something you don't want to eat you will take a bite and say "that's not my style."

you love to tuck all of your shirts into your skirts. you look like my old grandpa buford and i always chuckle because your papa and i are not really tuckers.

at least once a day i catch you lost in drawing. a blank pad of paper makes you so happy.

you love to listen to the "it's a small world" boy's choir record. over and over and over.

you sing the song from tangled and it makes me a little weepy.

i love to listen to you sound out words. you are always finding new words or just sounding out muh-aww-muh (mom) or puh-ah-puh-ah (papa) louise gave the baby the sense and sensibility opposite book and you can read the whole thing!

you love frog and toad, madeline, richard scarry (still), roald dahl, dr. seuss, etc

we took you on space mountain and at the end you said "again, again" which means you really are our girl (we were going to keep you even if you didn't like roller coasters."

things you say:

we night fairies come out in the evening.

roll over you big piece of skin!

when I get new shoes I get more interested in them.

me: will you help me to remember your car seat tomorrow? e: I'll save it in my body. I'll save the words in my body.

oh look mama I found auntie. (an ant) me: put her outside. elodie: wellll I guess I could find her again.

i was just sitting here like "when are you gonna put syrup on?" (her waffle)

be careful cause she can bite (francesca)

close the door for me. I need my pivacy.

I don't know what part of my body the pixie dust is in. I think my feet. so my feet could fly. heehee

one day when you're sleeping and your mouth is open ill sprinkle some in your mouth and you'll be flying. ok? do you want that to happen?

that would be cool if we were in our body right now. I think someone is pretending we are a game but I don't see their arm anywhere.

i promise i won't pee on your leg.

if I tell her her present before she opens it then it will ruin the surprise and her dream won't come true

everything is alive except cars and garbage cans right?

i think miss inge's under the mistletoe.

are you making a christmas tree named larry? no larry talk.

How do we start to live? How do we become living?

do you have to choose your baby's birthday or does the world tell you?

me: I'm putting baby to bed. elodie: is that your style or what?

what does C-O-R-N-M-O-O-N mean?

is your hand supposed to be the same size as your other hand?

is this a flying bathroom? (on plane)

did you know I'm the sneakiest girl at school?

remember when we saw charlie the crocodile at the zoo and he was so still? it looked like a statue to me.

what are you watching a grown up movie? (yeah) but your bedtime is at 9!

is this the 110? (on a freeway)

is this the race area? are we racing? (papa driving fast on freeway)

there's lots of squirrels in this neighborhood maybe because there's lots of nuts.

i'm four and seven quarters. I'm really that!

"i wanted to make a huge cake that we can save so we could eat it any day we want. don't you love it so much?"

they're not similar to you

you know what I do in my room at night? (no) stuff that raccoons & skunks do.

i'm allergic to kisses and not allergic to hugs.

what is a television show?

some people live in africa right? papa: yes elodie: well you got to remember that lots of animals live there too.

what if a kitty had hundreds of ears all over its body and it's head and on it's eyes? it could hear so well right?

my skeletons eating food. my whole body is eating food.

it's called the autumn moon. The eaglenox.

isn't it cool that water comes out of the fridgellator? so we don't have to get it from the ceiling and get dripped on?

knotts berry farm is so much fun you'll be psyched when you see it.

holding on is not really fun so you have to put your hands up in the air because that's really really fun!

does boy cars have penises?


  1. So, so sweet! 5 is the first year I have strong and consistent memories of, I hope she remembers how magical her world is. I can't wait for my 14 month old to articulate his thoughts!

  2. Just beautiful. I love that you note down the things she says; what treasured memories. It makes me wonder what sorts of amazing things I would have said as I child.

  3. Belated birthday wishes Baby. You are looking so lovely. your memories are precious. Have fun.

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  4. Such a fun and loving post! Thank you for sharing these cute little phrase of E's!


  5. My word she's precious.

    I love these posts Antonia, they make my heart sing. I work at a childcare center and go through these sort of conversations everyday.

    Kids are the most special pieces of the universe. So full of wonder.

  6. OMG. i am in TEARS laughing at her sweet phrases. that is the BEST medicine for anyone needing a little joy. whoa. so sweet. how do you remember all of those?!? my ben is (almost) 3 and starting to say the sweetest things...and every day i tell myself to write them down. but alas, i forget again. do you have a good method to recommend?

    happiest 5th birthday, sweet girl! keep shining!

  7. This post is incredible. Out of the mouths of babes. I shed tears reading this. I have a baby girl (9.5 months old) and am inspired to make notes so I can recall the cute and funny things at a later date. Xx

  8. Love this Elizabeth and I always love it when you write down what Elodie says - some things make me laugh out loud, others make my heart ache a little. I can never remember exactly what Mia has said - I must follow your lead. What wonderful things to remember. Much love to you and the girls (Jenny from caramel baby&child) x