Monday, January 6, 2014

la coqueta kids

once in a blue moon a children's clothing brand comes along that feels just perfect. beautiful silhouettes. a little whimsy. great accessories. la coqueta kids comes almost from my dreams. i had been searching for shoes that were an alternative to the ubiquitous moccasin. i hadn't had such good luck with the moccasins. they never quite fit right and we were always losing them. i stumbled upon la coqueta kids and instantly fell in love with the beautiful selection of vintage-inspired booties, dresses, and accessories. another plus, the price is comparable and in most cases better than most other european lines. la coqueta is a spanish line based in london designed by celia, a mother of five. she creates timeless pieces that are absolutely perfect for the modern child that likes to run, jump, and play. elodie adores her dress and the lovely slip that is underneath. i can't wait to see her spring offering! oh and if you have a boy, take a look at this!

thank you la coqueta kids!

this is a sponsored post. all opinions are my own. i never review products that i would not gladly purchase myself. 


  1. The Huntington Gardens! My toddler love that place. I love that children's garden especially the little tunnel. So fun.

  2. Hi - how do the sizes run on this line? My daughter is just turning two - but she's very small - so I'm wondering if the 2Y will fit. Thanks!

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  4. Beautiful children you have!!

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