Friday, February 28, 2014

sixteen months with francesca

you are sixteen months today francesca. sometimes i look at you and i see elodie when she was your age. you feel very different in spirit but have the same physical blueprint. i am very aware of you growing in this world and so i study you here at sixteen months so that i might remember it for just a minute longer. your big gray eyes, the concentration face that you share with your papa, your big belly jutting out as you toddle forward to meet the world.

you say "all done" and shake your hands along to show me the sign for it, "more" is one finger poking the other little fist. your favorite words are "el-dee", "papa", "mama", "nurse", "wow!", "yay!" and of course "no." a week ago you began saying "no, no, no" and shaking your little head. you started saying mine two months ago so i knew it must be on the horizon. your animal sounds are becoming more comical. horsey is still my favorite. 

i find you putting on hats, shoes, bracelets, necklaces, scarves. always adorned in something. always stomping around in papa's shoes. every morning when we go on our walk, you run to the door, so happy to get outside to greet the day. your favorite book is gerda muller's winter. i find you reading it on the floor in your room at least once a day. 
you lie on your sister and generally touch her all the time. she says "no baby" or "no frankie" but you always want to give her love. you also scream now when she takes things away from you. your little squalls have a quick ending still thankfully. we are at the height of separation anxiety and i'll admit some days can be hard when i can't put you down or leave your sight. but when the night is finally quiet, i reflect on the day and know i wouldn't trade where i am for a second without you by my side. thank you little sister for all that you bring our family.  


  1. such a sweet post. i hate to be the person to comment on such a thoughtful post with a shallow question, but where did you get that dress? it is so precious!

  2. What a lovely girl... and that white dress she is wearing... Beautiful!