Tuesday, February 11, 2014

thoughts on time and the matters at hand

the way to get starting is to quit talking and begin doing. - walt disney

i try to keep the quotes at minimum but this one has been so helpful for me during the past few days. late at night i've been putting my head down and immersing myself in the things i want to create. there has been so much written on the unattainable work-life balance. i'm convinced it doesn't exist. there is what matters to you and not much more. if it's a priority, the thing will get done. if it's not, it won't.

somehow, i got out of my annual tradition of ordering a smythson of bond street pocket diary. i found over a couple of years that the big ones were too overwhelming for me and i love my stack of slim volumes with all of their tiny snippets of my life. a few weeks ago, i ordered a new one for myself and it has been such a great record keeper. francesca's new words are marked right on the date she said them instead of in the bottomless notes on my phone. appointments and dates are written with intention rather than hurriedly entered. it's been a lovely renaissance.

photo by enzo sellerio

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  1. I love keeping a journal. It has been so much harder now that I have three small children at home but I love my mother's journals and am inspired to be better!