Monday, March 3, 2014

for you

i like to randomly get books for the girls and write the date and a little note in them. i found a special one for francesca the other day. a tiny poem, minimal illustrations, so beautiful in it's simplicity, titled only, "for you."

dear friend
let's go for a walk
i'll pick you a flower 
we'll laugh and talk

deep in the woods
we just might see
a friendly fox
so fast asleep

and if from the sky
a flicker drops a feather
i'll catch it for you 
on our walk together

- "for you" from huldra press


  1. This is so lovely - thanks for sharing. A lovely thing to do for your daughters and I love the look of this book. You might also like this one, my 'dear one' loves it

  2. I love the quote. Chanceless!!! It brought smile on my face. it makes my day. Thank you sharing with us. real usa youtube views

  3. I was reading through your blog and after this short poem, or probably only its title, I had to ask you if you ever had the chance of reading "la première fois que je suis née"..
    You need to get this book, it is mostly about tons of feelings of many "premières fois" we all lived, those first months we became parents (and the growing up).
    I loved it, and still love it every once I grab it and read some pages. And each time I end up crying.

    I tried to find some examples and could find these: