Thursday, May 15, 2014

wildflowers and little girls

emily ulmer came over on a recent may afternoon to take some photos of francesca and elodie. the girls were already a little stir crazy from being home so we ran up the street to one of my favorite outdoor spots - arlington gardens. we happened upon a huge field of wildflowers that must have just cropped up a few days before. this garden is pretty magical - the dancing afternoon light, explosion of colors, groves of olive trees and cypress - but emily could be in the most banal location and still whip up a fairy tale. i love seeing my children through the eyes/lens of my talented friends. thank you emily for the beautiful photos!

also, the wildflowers were one site in an installation by artist fritz haeg called wildflowering la. i encourage you to visit some of the other sites if you happen to live in the area - the wildflowers are still in various stages so it's not too late to see this great local project!


  1. Oh how wonderful! I hope I can catch some in my neighborhood.

  2. Love! And their dresses are just darling.

  3. The girls look like they are being kissed by the sun!