Wednesday, June 4, 2014

hypochondria of the heart

this is elodie's last year in preschool. i'm starting to realize, now that our lives are linked back to the same cycle of beginning and ending of a school year, that i'm way more nostalgic about life now then at the beginning of a calendar year. summer is a season of growth. children emerge a little taller due to the freedom from ritual that summer provides, their saltwater sandals stretched out a little bit more. i have a pain in my heart, seeing elodie on this side of that transition, knowing that this change is about to happen. at my daughter's preschool, there is an exchange of hugs, as everyone talks about playdates and summer plans. i hope that this summer stretches out as long as molasses and that i can sleep next to elodie in a tent in our backyard, smell the scent of the sun and sea on the napes on their necks, and marvel at my little ones being just that...little.

p.s also found this old article from the harvard review about nostalgia interesting. 


  1. I relate so deeply to your words. My sons are exactly as old as your daughters and the coming summer feels so special to me for the same reasons...

  2. Children make the heart more tender and time feel even more precious.