Saturday, June 21, 2014


i just finished an intense and wonderful six month assignment as creative director of ergobaby (and also worked with orbitbaby as well.) it has been really challenging to juggle work and find time to be with my little ones, my husband, my self *understatement* and  i am grateful for all the stretching and growing that has happened within my family because of it. it reawakened a part of me that had been dormant since elodie's birth. i feel more purposeful and precise and also so grateful for every moment i have with my girls. i'm happy to have reactivated this other side of me as i go into the next half of the year. happy mid-summer!


  1. This was so great to read as I approach September and the start of grad school while also being a mama to two girls the same ages as yours...thank you.

  2. It's always a relief to hear other moms working hard to juggle family and work. I love how you mentioned being grateful for the stretching and growing that happened in your family.