Tuesday, June 3, 2014

soul cycle

i joke to everyone who will listen that money i spend on exercise is money i don't have to spend in therapy. i'm grateful that i grew up with two active parents and that exercising is a given. i wouldn't say i'm totally athletic but i do love to exercise as much as i can. which isn't always a lot with two little ones. hikes can get a bit tedious with the fifty thousand requests for water or cries of tired legs. so mostly, i like to use my free time at a class or on my yoga mat at home. i've done spin for sometime now but the offering on the east side of los angeles is pretty much a joke. the one studio that is available's tagline is "the no om zone." so when i heard a soulcycle was opening in pasadena i jumped at the chance to go. i love that they dim the lights and encourage you to get out of your head. i'm happy to say that this week i'll be hosting a free class. if you are in the area, join me and please say hi. rsvp open until friday 6/6!

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