Sunday, August 31, 2014

planting a garden

at some point in april we let our garden go to seed. i was working long days and coming home tired and not motivated to be in the backyard. now that we are home from this long summer i wanted to recommit to a garden for our family.

we enlisted the aid of laila from garden school foundation who also created a bountiful home garden for our friends at heirloom la. i've had gardens periodically growing up but know very little about the right times to plant and how deep to put the seeds, etc. elodie was so eager to learn and it was beautiful watching her get dirty from such hard work.

we planted lots of herbs and plenty of chard, sweet peas, kale, fennel, and sweet potatoes for the fall. francesca had a good time as well - mainly eating and playing in the dirt. i can't wait to see our little garden in a month or so! what do you like to plant in the fall?


  1. I found your blog via IG and in the midst of that, realized that we both know Kate Kipley! Kate joined our annual Big Sur trip last year and spoke often of (who I now know as) your sweet girls. Anyway, as a so-cal neighbor who is also dying in this heat, thanks for the fall garden inspiration! xo

  2. i also love to plant squash and rhubarb! this makes me realize i need to get our garden going again.

  3. Beautiful photos so full of promise of spring and summer! Thank you for sharing!