Wednesday, August 6, 2014

summer mornings

the weather has been horribly muggy lately and that means all outdoor activities have to happen either in the morning or in the later afternoon. as soon as we get up i get the girls dressed and head straight to the park. our favorite local park of late has been lacy park in san marino. elodie has been practicing the scooter and wanting to ride her bike and there is a lovely little play structure nearby. i know at five and a half that she should be done with the training wheels but not sure she is ready. any tips on this mamas?


  1. Hi - lovely to read your recent posts and tips on travel. Regarding cycling, we are using a balance bike with our almost 3 year old. For older kids, my close friend lowered the seat on her kids' bike so they were like bigger balance bikes. She said it worked well and may be worth a try (at least you don't have to buy another bike!).

  2. Hi there! My daughter had great luck starting with a balance bike. By age 4 she was ready for her pedal bike! And, mind you, my girl has lots of talents but she isn't one of those amazingly advanced kids physically.... so I think any kid can be helped along with a balance bike!

  3. Hi, do you mind telling me what kind of bike Elodie had?